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Gabbi Garcia

Stealing hearts as one of the leading ladies on Encantadia, Gabbi feels like she landed her dream role. "I used to want to do action, to do something out of the box, so as Alena, I think I'm working on my dream role! The essence of drama is still there, but I also get to do action, to be a warrior princess. It's fun!" Birthday: December 2, 1998 FILMOGRAPHY TELEVISION 2018 Sherlock Jr. - Lily Pelaez 2017 Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko:  Mariel: Ang Lakwatserang S…


Rocco Nacino

Despite being a constant fixture in the local industry, Rocco selflessly attributes his success not to himself, but to his co-performers. "A good actor is generous. It's not about his own performance. He has to know how to help his own co-stars. It's the best performance of all the actors in the scene that results in something wonderful. A good actor knows how ro convey emotions effectively. He gives a nuanced performance, and isn't selfish." Birthday: March 21, 1987 Hei…


Julie Anne San Jose

Already known worldwide for her powerhouse vocals, Julie Anne San Jose is on the hunt for strong, empowering female-driven roles. "If I could pick my next project, it would have to be an action role, kasi sobrang bihira ng babae who does stunts. I'd love to do something that will challenge me." Birthday: May 17 1994 Height: 5'6"   FILMOGRAPHY  Television 2018 My Guitar Princess - Celina 2018 Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko: Ang Kuwento ni Tarzan at Jane - Jane 2…


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