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Fine, fresh, and fierce; these pretty girls from Artist Center are sure to send your hearts aflutter!

Ashley Ortega

Name: Ashley Ortega Age: 17 Birthday: Dec 26, 1998 Height:  5’6 Filmography: Televisions PAST: 2012 Cielo de Angelina/ 2013 Dormitoryo, Maghihintay Pa Rin/ 2014 My Destiny, Paraiso ko’y Ikaw/ 2015 Kailan ba Tama ang Mali/ 2016 …

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Arianne Bautista

Name: Arianne Bautista Age: 24 Birthday: Sept. 1 1989 Height:  5’4   Filmography:   TELEVISION PAST Naku Boss ko, Dangwa, Buena Familia, Second Chances,  Kambal Sirena, Carmela UPCOMING / CURRENT Juan Happy Love S…

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Mariel Pamintuan

Special Skills: Acting – Drama; Modeling   TELEVISION Once Upon A Kiss (2015) My BFF (2014) Magkano Ba Ang Pag-ibig? (2013)   ENDORSEMENTS Coca-Cola Chuckie Lemon Square Mamon Jollibee Pure n Fresh Cologn…

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