Poco Deli's water soda
Belle: Solenn learned how to make Poco Deli's water soda. it's really easy to do, so you might want to try it out yourself! Just combine 4 citrus fruits: lemon, grapefruit, orange, and dalandan with water.
Poco Deli in Kapitolyo
Sol: I went to Poco Deli in Kapitolyo to try out their food. When i interviewed their operations manager, Ms. Janine Lim, she shared that the store's specialty include the chili seafood because of the pomodoro sauce cooked for 10 hours! their sausages are also home made and have no binders or extenders. hmm... i love it.
Food trips!
We asked some people kung gutom sila, ano ang food trip nila.

Comedienne Charize Solomon shared that she loves to eat rice partnered with soup, like sinigang. Alex de Rossi said that she also loves sinigang.

Two guys shared that they love burgers or sandwiches. a girl shared that she loves to have chocolates. What about you? Kapag nagugutom ka, anong food trip mo??
Iko's Breads and Cakes
In Iko's breads and cakes, Solenn and Belle made the round clubhouse sandwich, which is the specialty of the establishment. The store has been in operation for 8 years already.
At the Ramen Cool
In Ramen Cool, we interviewed Lilybeth Fernandez, their supervisor. She related that their best sellers are really ramen dishes, particularly the Kimuchi Ramen, which is a bit spicy.

In terms of waitressing, we learned that we have to know how to welcome the guests, take orders properly, repeat orders to make sure that it is correct, serve water for everyone in the table, then finally to serve the dish as ordered.