Lauren Young, Bad Girl Gone Good

In Mundo Mo’y Akin, Lauren Young was so effective as the mortal nemesis of Marilyn Carbonel that you wanted to skin her alive. In her new show, "Dormitoryo", the actress will step into good girl shoes. We dropped by the set of the new suspense-serye to see how she was handling this 180-degree turn.
“I miss that I can just slap anyone,” Lauren joked about her last character, Darlene. “Biro lang ‘yun! Pero totoo na challenge sa akin talaga na biglang switch yung personality ng character ko ngayon. For the longest time kasi, I was the kontrabida. It’s a test for me to see if I’m actually cut out for it.” The Kapuso artist revealed that she was willing to do anything to be as believable in the skin of Hazel Mendoza, her new role in Dormitoryo. “I want to know if I can be the good girl naman, I’m eager to hear the feedback from our director, our team and of course, the viewers. I will pour my heart into this character.”
Lauren went on to share how she had high expectations for the new program. “I really believe in this project. Ang taas ng expectations ko kasi ang ganda ng plot. It’s very different from what you see nowadays in our generation because people have forgotten that there’s more than just kilig.”
The actress also gushed how she was excited to be working with veteran director, Jun Lana. “He’s a brilliant director, I’m very happy to have the chance to work with him. Sa tingin ko magiging parang mini movie yung show. Story wise, I expect it to be packed with mystery. Feeling ko at the end of every week, people will be at the edge of their seats. They’ll be wanting more and wishing na mapanood na nila ang next episode.”
Will Lauren’s words ring true? Tune in to GMA Network on September 22, 2013 as Dormitoryo launches its first episode after Sunday All Stars. For sneak peeks on the teen-oriented series, check out the official fan page at and follow the show on Twitter at

- Kit Cariaga, Social Media Specialist

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