Sid Lucero on his role as Lucio in 'Magkano Ba Ang Pag-ibig?'

“What I look up to him when it comes to these things is his perseverance,” said Sid Lucero, when asked about his thoughts on his character in the GMA Afternoon Prime soap Magkano Ba Ang Pag-ibig?. In the drama, Sid plays Lucio, the love of Eloisa (Heart Evangelista) and half-brother to Bobby (Dominic Roco).

Lucio was initially Eloisa’s boyfriend, but then complicated twists of life arose and led them to be apart. Now, Eloisa is married to Bobby, and Lucio has to live with the fact that the love of his life is now the wife of his half-brother. Though they still love each other, they can’t be together anymore. Despite their mutual feelings, Eloisa tries her best to be a good wife to Bobby, while Lucio tries his best to contain his feelings for Eloisa, all while living in the same roof.

We asked Sid about his similarities and differences with Lucio. He said that while he can’t really tell what his similarities and differences are with his character, he admires Lucio’s perseverance. “Matatag siya eh. Hindi ko kaya 'yung ginagawa niya, to live with the same person you love who’s married to someone else. I don’t know how I could do that.”

Sid also shared the challenges in portraying one of the lead characters of the soap. “I think the challenge is breaking the stereotype,” said Sid.  “I am not a fan of playing main characters. I find it kind of boring, kasi the people who watch him are actually looking for a certain something, nakakahon ka agad eh, almost automatic,” he explains.

Lastly, we asked this question to Sid: “Sa panahon ngayon, naniniwala ka ba na nababayaran ang pag-ibig?” The actor was quick to answer, “Yes it is, not monetarily but in more than one way it is paid.”

He then explained his answer from Lucio’s point of view. “For example, my character Lucio is paying for it every day because of the one thing that he did not do right which is to tell the truth from the very beginning. Because of his mistake, he’s paying for it, emotionally and physically. He’s living in a house and he’s seeing his love of his life being toyed around by the environment she was pushed in, by Hilaria (Celia Rodriguez) and everybody around her. Hindi niya mabitawan, mahal na mahal niya eh.”

Is there still hope for Lucio to be with the love of his life? Or will he suffer the consequences of his actions forever? Find out by watching Magkano Ba Ang Pag-ibig?, only on GMA Afternoon Prime. For updates about the show and its cast, like and follow its official Facebook and Twitter pages at and

- AC Soriano, Social Media Specialist

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