Doug on his family "Team Kramer": 'I've been blessed to be like this and I just wanna thank God for this'


Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, and their three children Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin or collectively known as the “Team Kramer” is perhaps one of the most famous families of the Philippine modern times.

It all started when celebrity couple Doug, power forward and center for a PBA team,  and Cheska, model/actress/host, put up a Facebook page for them to share their moments with their kids.

“The term team Kramer came from a fan sa Instagram. Sabi nung fan na, 'Grabe big admirer ako ng family mo, you know grabe ‘yang team niyo talaga' kasi I play for basketball. Parang naconnect niya na sinabi niya lang na 'Team Kramer, I’m your biggest fan,'" started Doug.

This prompted the twosome to create the page and they admitted that at first, they did not even expect that it will gain as much as 442,000 likes (its current number) in a span of less than three months.
“We started sharing pictures of our kids, videos, just for family and friends to see and then from there we realized that, my gosh, a lot of people actually like our kids and like our family,” mused Cheska.



What is there not to like? Their page is filled with beautiful memories they make as a family (like reading stories and cooking snacks), adorable photos of their children as they discover life, videos of the kids’ little milestones like learning a few words and even one of Kendra asking everyone to help Yolanda survivors. Not to mention their charming faces that are so easy in the eyes, these are but few reasons why we love them on our Facebook feeds.
“We’re so proud of our kids and at the young age parang bibong bibo talaga sila so that’s the reason why we would post videos of them and pictures,” shares proud mom Cheska.
Like rightful celebrities, Team Kramer little members Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin have gained their monikers. The three kids are also known to their fans as “Kendra Superstar,” “Scarlett doll,” and “Gavin-credible.”
With all the fame and fans that their family is gaining, both Doug and Cheska still zoom in to the root and essence of it all – their family values and the journey that they make together as family.
“Spending time with my kids parang it’s not even a habit eh. Kahit na everyday kaming nagkikita, hinahanap ko pa rin ‘yan, pati ‘yung mga dates namin ni Cheska nung kaming dalawa lang hinahanap ko pa rin ‘yun. So it’s a very natural state for me na I didn’t have to exert effort. I’ve been blessed to be like this and I just wanna thank God for this,” Doug puts it perfectly.

Of course their fans are not to be left out. Cheska calls them friends and not just fans.
“Super super super thankful to all of our followers, in fact, I even call them my friends. They are the number 1 protectors of team Kramer. You cannot fight with team Kramer or else you will fight all of them,” expressed Cheska.

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-CJ Mendoza, Social Media Specialist

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