Fitspiration for your 2014 resolution: Solenn Heussaff's diet

Before the New Year Countdown, we asked you what your New Year’s resolution is, and a lot of you responded with this:

It's always a good idea to pursue a cleaner diet and regular exercise, especially now that there we are prone to contracting viruses and illnesses.

But food is so tempting at times that we just couldn't help ourselves. So if you're one of those gals who needs their conscience to go against them when faced with a plate full of rice, here’s Solenn Heusaff to serve as your fitspiration for 2014:

This is Solenn's secret to achieving that bod: “I don't cheat so much. I exercise at least five times a week... I don't eat carbs. I cleanse a lot; I do a lot of juicing.”

This 2014, even with THAT body, Solenn says she’s going to get even stricter with herself. “...Be more disciplined when it comes to... baka walang cheat days, kasi may cheat days... ako, maybe do seven times a week work out kahit pagod. Try to find kahit thirty minutes sa isang day.”

So, have you pinned this photo on your fitspiration board already? Well then, get ready as we give you the scoop on Solenn's Diet.

Solenn’s discipline is her diet
The Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas star said that when it comes to food, she can control herself. “I'm very disciplined naman when it comes to... Kahit I love like crispy pata, I'll have it once a year. Kasi I know naman there's calories and oils in it, so minsan, when you've cleansed your body and you're so clean inside, even if it’s so good, the food, after eating it you really feel na mabigat sa katawan. You don't feel good. I have a craving like once in a while, like a nice big bowl of pasta. So may cheat days naman eh. Pero hindi often.”
As for the “no rice” diet, looking at Solenn proves that it works. “I quit rice na for five years. But I've had like a spoonful if I really get a craving once every three months. Ganun. Or if I have to try, for example, favorite Filipino food ko, Bopis. Medyo weird yung Bopis ‘pag walang rice, so I'll have super super tiny, like two tablespoons of rice. But super rare. I don't eat rice meals.”
But she has a favorite cuisine. The French-Filipina actress loves Vietnamese cuisine, and when it comes to this, she can eat a lot because the food is still very lean and healthy. "[They have] lots of vegetables; very fresh fruit. Their soups are light, hindi masyadong mabigat. Walang oil. You can eat so much Vietnamese food. Puro greens eh. A lot of thin wraps, lots of vegetables, lean meat. Hindi yung deep fried, deep fried; it's grilled.”
Hosting Taste Buddies, she shares how her own show is very hard on her diet. “Usually kasi we usually do like 10 restaurants in one day. Kahit tikman-tikman lang, at the end of the day, sobrang busog; iba-iba ‘yung mga flavours! So the next day, I cleanse. Juice cleanse. No food. Just juice.”
Solenn said she used to be obese, and she started to eat right after she was hospitalized for the crash diet she did back when she was fourteen. “Dati ako obese, so mabilis akong mag-gain... I didn't do the right thing. Actually dati, nung mga fourteen ako, I was really big. Pinakamalaki ko. Ayun. 'Yung parents ko umalis for France for three months, so kumain ako ng isang apple a day, tapos na hospitalize ako... Don't follow me guys! And then ‘yun. After that naging health conscious na ako.”
She started watching what she eats because the whole ordeal made her stomach shrink. She started reading food magazine and started informing herself on how different types of food affects the body. She used to love deep fried stuff, but after reading up on their effects, she said it’s nakakatakot.
Her family shares and influences her diet. “'Yung family ko naman--my mom is very healthy. We don't have rice at home, we don't have bread. ‘Yung brother ko naging super healthy din so I get from him, and then ‘yung boyfriend ko din ngayon, siya as in wala talagang rice, walang pasta, ganun. So I got it from them. Tapos you really feel lighter. You can do more things.”
The Sunday All Stars singer ends with, “The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight.” So if you want obtain a healthier body, Solenn tells you to start now.

Catch more of Solenn on her GMA and GNTV shows. She is in Sunday All Stars, which airs on GMA Network every Sunday at 12 noon. She is also in Taste Buddies, which airs on GMA News TV Saturdays at 5:40 pm.

Are you already motivated to take on a healthier diet? Well stay tuned because we will also tell you Solenn's fitness routine in another feature.

- Fel Siao, Social Media Specialist

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