January 30, 2015 Friday

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The Tim Yap Show

Hosted by eventologist and certified showbiz insider Tim Yap, The Tim Yap Show is a 15-minute daily program that will feature the most followed Pinoy celebrities with Twitter accounts. Tim will also have the chance to interview celebrity guests in the show to discuss the stars' presence in Twitter and have them answer the hottest and most controversial questions tweeted to them. Catch the fourth season of The Tim Yap Show, weekdays at 12 midnight on GMA. 


Unang Hirit

Start your day with the coolest morning barkada, as they give you that much-needed head start with the latest news, tips, and stories. Make this your morning habit and get hooked on the longest running morning show in the country!






Jackie Chan Adventures


Detective Conan

Size does not always matter. The smallest, smartest, and cutest detective on TV is out to prove this once more as he solves the most puzzling mysteries and cases!


One Piece



Ichigo is a typical high-school student except for one thing: he can see ghosts. One day, he meets Rukia, a calm girl who introduces herself as Death and involves Ichigo in a fight with a frantic ghost. In the struggle, Rukia rushes forward to protect Ichigo from the ghost and is seriously wounded.  As a last resort, Rukia decides to transfer her last drop of energy to Ichigo.  Using a gigantic sword produced by the power of Death, Ichigo defeats the evil ghost.  Since then, circumstances force Ichigo to battle against the ghosts until Rukia recovers her powers.  Ichigo and Rukia, a pair formed by chance and marked by frequent quarrels, forge a strong partnership over the course of breathtakingly perilous missions…


Fairy Tail

Lucy is a young mage who ran away from home. She has always wanted to join the magical guild of Fairy Tail. She meets Natsu along the way, a teenage boy brought up by a dragon named Igneel. Igneel disappeared a few years ago. Along with his best friend, Happy the cat, he is now on a journey to look for the dragon who brought him up. Shortly after Lucy and Natsu's meeting, Lucy is kidnapped by Bora, another mage. Natsu rescues her and reveal that he is actually a member of Fairy Tail. He offers Lucy membership into the guild, which she gladly accepts. After joining the guild, Lucy meets Erza and Gray, both members of Fairy Tail. Together with Natsu and Happy, they become a team and take up on various quests offered to the Fairy Tail guild.


Slam Dunk

Witness the most exciting end-to-end action this side of Anime! The basketball wizards at the Shohoku High School basketball team continue to make their mark on the hard court  in this high-flying slam-bangin’ animated series. 


Knock Out


The Ryzza Mae Show

The newest morning show hosted by the smallest and youngest TV talk show host, Ryzza Mae.   The Ryzza Mae Show explores topics that cover anything under the sun through the point of view of of a curious and innocent child. Furthermore, the show presents interesting people with interesting stories in a happy atmosphere.


Eat Bulaga

The nation’s official lunchtime tradition 30 years in the running! Join Tito, Vic, Joey and the rest of the Dabarkads as they complete your day with top-notch entertainment from the longest running noontime show in the country!


The Half Sisters

In the series, Rina (Jean Garcia) is the childbearing woman of the “twins,” one sired through amorous marital copulation with her husband Alfred (Ryan Eigenmann) and the other sired when she was raped by her former boyfriend Benjie (Jomari Yllana). Benjie is sent to prison because of what he did; while Rina remains a loving wife to Alfred as they live a financially comfortable life together. Eventually, Rina got pregnant and gives birth to twins Diana (Barbie Forteza) and Ashley (Thea Tolentino). However, Alfred is having doubts about who the father is, he demands Rina to undergo DNA testing that resulted to a confirmation of hetero-paternal superfecundation, wherein Rina’s twins have different fathers – Diana by Benjie and Ashley by Alfred. Meanwhile, after Benjie is released from prison, he managed their family business which eventually became successful. On the other hand, Alfred’s business failed. Prompted by financial woes and obligations, and knowing the truth about Diana and Benjie, Alfred asks her daughter Ashley to pretend to be the biological daughter of Benjie so his daughter can live a more comfortable life, thus, robbing Diana her birthright and as the rightful heiress. How will the uncommon situation affect Alfred and Rina’s marriage? Until when can Alfred and Ashley keep their plans going? Will Benjie and Diana ever know the truth about their father-daughter relationship? Directed by Mark Reyes, find out how the intertwined lives of Diana and Ashley unfold in The Half Sisters beginning June 9 after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.



Yagit is the GMA franchise that became popular twenty years ago. The TV series featured four indigent children (Ding, Tomtom, Eliza and Jocelyn) as main characters whose friendship became reflective of the Filipino’s indomitable spirit. Pivotal to this central theme is the undying love of a mother who will do everything to keep her family together. After two decades, GMA reboots the franchise with a new interpretation that remains true to the Filipino’s indomitable spirit, while contextually resetting for today’s viewers who have remained resilient in spite of even more difficult challenges. Yagit intends to become a unique viewing experience for housewives and their children. It capitalizes on the sentimental value of being blessed with childhood best friends, making mothers desire the same for their own children: to be blessed with childhood best friends who are for keeps through a lifetime.


Ang Lihim ni Annasandra

A traditional drama with touch of fantasy, Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra is about every woman’s quest to be loved for who she truly is and be allowed to keep her secrets, as a way to appreciate her person and past. Annasandra (Andrea Torres) is the beautiful, smart, and loving daughter of Belinda (Glydel Mercado) and Carlos (Emilio Garcia). But twist of events led Annasandra to be cursed as an “awok” (aswang). Her loved ones keep her real identity a secret to protect Annasandra from being misjudged, from being hurt and hurting other people. Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra is every woman’s journey to finding true love, while allowing her secrets to remain a mystery, because, like her secret, every woman is a mystery.


Love Hotline

A unique experience, Love Hotline answers puzzling love problems experienced daily by lovestruck viewers. Airing every Friday at 4:45 P.M., Love Hotline is led by seasoned host and award-winning actress Jean Garcia, who is all geared up to share her own valuable insights on love and romance. This is Jean’s first-ever solo program. Love Hotline spotlights inspiring real-life love stories through a romantic short film starring Kapuso celebrities. The program then gives practical solutions to the featured love problem via engaging hear-to-heart conversations among host Jean, a guest love adviser, radio jock or a celebrity. Viewers may also join the Love Hotline discussions on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LoveHotline7 and Twitter: www.twitter.com/LoveHotline7. Tender and inspiring moments abound in Love Hotline. Prepare to be smitten Fridays, 4:45 P.M., on GMA.


My Name is Kim Sam Soon

She's 30, overweight and single, but that doesn't stop her from fulfilling her ambitions and snagging a man in the process!    Muli nating balikan ang kuwento ng paborito nating baker na sawi sa pag-ibig sa My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Samahan natin sila ng restaurant owner at hotel heir na si Cyrus simula sa kanilang mala aso't pusang away hanggang sa sweet na sweet nilang pag-iibigan.    My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Lunes hanggang Biyernes, 5:05 ng hapon sa GMA.


Prime Minister and I

Plucky young tabloid reporter Sasha Nam is looking for a scoop. What if it turns out that she herself is the scoop?    After getting snapped in a compromising photo with Yul Kwon, the country's youngest Prime Minister, a scandal starts to brew.    Yul has higher political aspirations and cannot afford such a scandal to taint his reputation. Yul and Sasha are forced to be pretend lovers to nip the scandal in the bud and save the Prime Minister's promising political career.    How long can they keep this charade up? More importantly, can true love blossom from something make-believe? 


24 Oras

News happens round the clock. And GMA is here to give you every important news item of the last 24 hours, delivered by the country’s most-trusted newscasters, Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco.


More Than Words

More Than Words is about the story of Ikay, a girl taunted as a weirdo at school because of her unique looks and constant daydreaming and spacing out most of the time. She finds solace in writing fiction online, creating the character of Katy Perez in her work titled "Diary of a Queen Bee."   Unlike Ikay, Katy is a cool, popular girl adored at Southville Academy. In her story, she creates her dream boy, Hiro.   The next morning, Ikay is surprised when she sees a boy washed ashore. It turns out he is exactly the guy she pictured in her blog entry.   Hiro finds himself in an unfamiliar place after figuring in an accident the night he rebelled against his widowed mom. He loses his memory, starts a new life, and eventually falls for Ikay.    Giving shelter to Hiro are Emil and Rose, whose relationship turned sour after their only child died many years ago. With the arrival of Hiro, they will find their way back to each other. Taking care of Hiro, the son they wished they had, will serve to mend their rocky relationship.   Under the helm of Andoy Ranay, More Than Words premieres this November 17 on GMA Telebabad after 24 Oras.     Visit Ikay's blog here: http://diaryofaqueenbee.ph/   


Once Upon A Kiss

Once Upon A Kiss begins with the story of Aurora and Eric. Both coming from poor families, they used to dream of having a better life together. However, for material gain, Eric gave up his love for Aurora and pursued Giselle, the daughter of the family who owns the rest house Aurora's parents work for.   Later on, Aurora got married to Jimmy, Eric's best friend. Eric, on the other hand, regretted marrying Giselle because her family just treated him like a puppet in their company.   Prince is the son of Eric with Giselle, while Ella is the daughter of Aurora with Jimmy. Although their families are mortal enemies, they became childhood friends. But they become separated when Prince leaves for the city.   They cross paths once again when Prince comes back to their town as a teenager. However, the once kind and humble Prince is now an arrogant and egotistical kid. Will Prince and Ella be able to rekindle their friendship and relationship? Will their love story have a happy ending despite the complications and interventions of their respective parents?   Under the helm of acclaimed TV director Bb. Joyce Bernal, Once Upon A Kiss begins on January 5 on GMA Telebabad.  


Second Chances

Second Chances is a story that will dramatically narrate how an opportunity can change someone's life and will also provide a powerful response to viewers' demand for validation that indeed, we all deserve a second chance. It revolves around the lives of four people - Lyra (Jennylyn Mercado), whose life suddenly changes when a tragedy befalls her family and she loses both her husband and son in an instant; Bernard (Raymart Santiago), a single father and widower who finds the meaning of life and how to love again when he meets Lyra; Rebecca (Camille Prats), the childhood friend of Lyra, and a bipolar who became addicted to drugs as she pines for the son she lost; and Jerome (Rafael Rosell), a lawyer who has always loved Lyra even before she married her late husband. Under the helm critically acclaimed director Laurice Guillen, Second Chances begins on January 12 on GMA Telebabad.


Bubble Gang

The laughter never stops here in the funniest and longest running gag show in the country! For more than a decade, Bubble Gang has made audiences around the country roll over with laughter. Their commercial spoofs and recurring characters keep everyone in stitches while the parodies on politicians prove that nothing is sacred to their funny bones. Are you ready to laugh till you drop? The gang's gags and segments continue to make this the country's funniest spoof show.



The day is about to end but Serbisyong Totoo doesn’t stop. Cap off your night with the latest news from from Arnold Clavio and Vicky Morales.

Bakbakang Eula Valdez at Jean Garcia, abangan sa ‘The Half Sisters’

Bakbakang Eula Valdez at Jean Garcia, abangan sa ‘The Half Sisters’

Confirmed na mga Kapuso! Veteran actress Eula Valdez joins the cast of 'The Half Sisters.' Read more

Save the Date: #ChizHeart21515

Save the Date: #ChizHeart21515

With less than a month before Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero’s wedding, their official photographer Pat Dy released the power couple’s save-the-date video. Read more

Bubble Gang: Pasiklaban ng kaguwapuhan

Bubble Gang: Pasiklaban ng kaguwapuhan

Abangan ngayong Biyernes ang paghaharap nina Tata Lino at Ramon Bautista. Read more

Manny Pacquiao at Floyd Mayweather Jr., nagkaharap na

Manny Pacquiao at Floyd Mayweather Jr., nagkaharap na

Ngunit ang pambihirang tagpo ay hindi nangyari sa loob ng boxing ring. Read more

Seven Empress Schuck facts you need to know

Seven Empress Schuck facts you need to know

There's more to this actress than meets the eye! Here are seven things about Empress that will surprise you. Read more

Pagtataksil at paghihiganti sa 'Women in the Sun'

Pagtataksil at paghihiganti sa 'Women in the Sun'

Simula February 2, tunghayan ang kuwento ng magkapatid na Donna at April sa pinakabagong Koreanovela na handog ng GMA, ang 'Women in the Sun.' Read more

Tatay, nakipag-break sa TV?

Tatay, nakipag-break sa TV?

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Max Collins is happy to work with Empress Schuck again

Max Collins is happy to work with Empress Schuck again

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Regine, inaming nahihirapan nang kumanta

Regine, inaming nahihirapan nang kumanta

Para sa Asia’s Songbird, hindi na raw kasing dali tulad ng dati ang pagkanta. Read more

Magpakailanman presents "Sa Ngalan ng Anak: The Cerbito Family Story"

Magpakailanman presents

Sina Mark Anthony Fernandez at Chynna Ortaleza, susubukan maging mga magulang sa isang batang may leukemia ngayong Sabado. Read more


Bisitahin muli ang makulay na mundo ng Mexicanovela sa 'Corazon Indomable'

Bisitahin muli ang makulay na mundo ng Mexicanovela sa 'Corazon Indomable'

Mula sa Kapuso network, muling balikan ang makulay na mundo ng mga Mexicanovela sa 'Corazon Indomable.' Read more

Second Chances: Episode 14 teaser

Second Chances: Episode 14 teaser

Maghaharap na sina Lyra at Coleen.  Read more

Once Upon A Kiss: Episode 19 teaser

Once Upon A Kiss: Episode 19 teaser

Prince is on the road to recovery, magkita na kaya sila muli ni Ella? Read more

More Than Words: Episode 54 teaser

More Than Words: Episode 54 teaser

Ang new-found friendship nina Ikay at Roxanne, matatapos rin ba agad? Read more

Ang Lihim ni Annasandra: Episode 84 teaser

Ang Lihim ni Annasandra: Episode 84 teaser

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