December 19, 2014 Friday

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The Tim Yap Show

Hosted by eventologist and certified showbiz insider Tim Yap, The Tim Yap Show is a 15-minute daily program that will feature the most followed Pinoy celebrities with Twitter accounts. Tim will also have the chance to interview celebrity guests in the show to discuss the stars' presence in Twitter and have them answer the hottest and most controversial questions tweeted to them. Catch the fourth season of The Tim Yap Show, weekdays at 12 midnight on GMA. 


Unang Hirit

Start your day with the coolest morning barkada, as they give you that much-needed head start with the latest news, tips, and stories. Make this your morning habit and get hooked on the longest running morning show in the country!






Shaman King



Ichigo is a typical high-school student except for one thing: he can see ghosts. One day, he meets Rukia, a calm girl who introduces herself as Death and involves Ichigo in a fight with a frantic ghost. In the struggle, Rukia rushes forward to protect Ichigo from the ghost and is seriously wounded.  As a last resort, Rukia decides to transfer her last drop of energy to Ichigo.  Using a gigantic sword produced by the power of Death, Ichigo defeats the evil ghost.  Since then, circumstances force Ichigo to battle against the ghosts until Rukia recovers her powers.  Ichigo and Rukia, a pair formed by chance and marked by frequent quarrels, forge a strong partnership over the course of breathtakingly perilous missions…


One Piece


Hunter X Hunter

Enter the world of rare creatures, secret treasures, and fantastic adventures in this manga series adaptation beloved by both kids and kids at heart.


Basta Every Day Happy

Basta Every Day Happy brings Donita Rose, Gladys Reyes, Alessandra De Rossi, and Chef Boy Logro together for the first time on Philippine TV who will create a vibrant atmosphere through a mixture of their witty personalities that the viewers have never seen before. They will share their happy experiences in various fun segments, projects, and challenges that will certainly draw smiles and laughter from the viewers. In its desire to make more Filipinos happy and inspired every day, this morning show will encourage everyone to take an active step in making one's self happy through the simple pleasures of life, such as stumbling upon a hilarious social media post, an amazing food discovery, completing one's wish list, or a deed of paying it forward, which will consequently affect someone else's happiness. Knowing that Filipinos possess the unique characteristic of being naturally cheerful despite the adversaries being experienced, Basta Every Day Happy will feature guest celebrities and even ordinary people who will share fun-filled conversations with the hosts. Kapuso viewers will certainly have something to look forward to every day as each episode contains a collection of happy moments of everything under the sun, such as parenting, family, relationships, home care, beauty, fashion, technology, travel, among others. Under the helm of acclaimed director Louie Ignacio, Basta Every Day Happy is set to change the Filipino viewers' weekday morning viewing habits. Created by the GMA Entertainment TV Group, this morning talk/ variety program is under the supervision of Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV Lilybeth G. Rasonable; Assistant Vice President for Talk, Magazines, Musical, Reality Productions and TV Specials Darling P. De Jesus; Program Manager Jenny Cordova-Reyes; and Executive Producer Gladys Henaro.


Don't Lose the Money

This hilarious and nerve-wracking family game show features two (2) teams of four contestants each compete and the team who keeps/saves the biggest amount of money at the end of the program, after going through grueling physical challenges, wins and gets to take home the money.


The Ryzza Mae Show

The newest morning show hosted by the smallest and youngest TV talk show host, Ryzza Mae.   The Ryzza Mae Show explores topics that cover anything under the sun through the point of view of of a curious and innocent child. Furthermore, the show presents interesting people with interesting stories in a happy atmosphere.


Eat Bulaga

The nation’s official lunchtime tradition 30 years in the running! Join Tito, Vic, Joey and the rest of the Dabarkads as they complete your day with top-notch entertainment from the longest running noontime show in the country!


The Half Sisters

In the series, Rina (Jean Garcia) is the childbearing woman of the “twins,” one sired through amorous marital copulation with her husband Alfred (Ryan Eigenmann) and the other sired when she was raped by her former boyfriend Benjie (Jomari Yllana). Benjie is sent to prison because of what he did; while Rina remains a loving wife to Alfred as they live a financially comfortable life together. Eventually, Rina got pregnant and gives birth to twins Diana (Barbie Forteza) and Ashley (Thea Tolentino). However, Alfred is having doubts about who the father is, he demands Rina to undergo DNA testing that resulted to a confirmation of hetero-paternal superfecundation, wherein Rina’s twins have different fathers – Diana by Benjie and Ashley by Alfred. Meanwhile, after Benjie is released from prison, he managed their family business which eventually became successful. On the other hand, Alfred’s business failed. Prompted by financial woes and obligations, and knowing the truth about Diana and Benjie, Alfred asks her daughter Ashley to pretend to be the biological daughter of Benjie so his daughter can live a more comfortable life, thus, robbing Diana her birthright and as the rightful heiress. How will the uncommon situation affect Alfred and Rina’s marriage? Until when can Alfred and Ashley keep their plans going? Will Benjie and Diana ever know the truth about their father-daughter relationship? Directed by Mark Reyes, find out how the intertwined lives of Diana and Ashley unfold in The Half Sisters beginning June 9 after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.



Yagit is the GMA franchise that became popular twenty years ago. The TV series featured four indigent children (Ding, Tomtom, Eliza and Jocelyn) as main characters whose friendship became reflective of the Filipino’s indomitable spirit. Pivotal to this central theme is the undying love of a mother who will do everything to keep her family together. After two decades, GMA reboots the franchise with a new interpretation that remains true to the Filipino’s indomitable spirit, while contextually resetting for today’s viewers who have remained resilient in spite of even more difficult challenges. Yagit intends to become a unique viewing experience for housewives and their children. It capitalizes on the sentimental value of being blessed with childhood best friends, making mothers desire the same for their own children: to be blessed with childhood best friends who are for keeps through a lifetime.


Ang Lihim ni Annasandra

A traditional drama with touch of fantasy, Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra is about every woman’s quest to be loved for who she truly is and be allowed to keep her secrets, as a way to appreciate her person and past. Annasandra (Andrea Torres) is the beautiful, smart, and loving daughter of Belinda (Glydel Mercado) and Carlos (Emilio Garcia). But twist of events led Annasandra to be cursed as an “awok” (aswang). Her loved ones keep her real identity a secret to protect Annasandra from being misjudged, from being hurt and hurting other people. Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra is every woman’s journey to finding true love, while allowing her secrets to remain a mystery, because, like her secret, every woman is a mystery.


Love Hotline

A unique primetime experience, Love Hotline answers puzzling love problems experienced daily by lovestruck viewers. Airing weekday evenings at seven, Love Hotline is led by seasoned host and award-winning actress Jean Garcia, who is all geared up to share her own valuable insights on love and romance. This is Jean’s first-ever solo program.   Love Hotline spotlights inspiring real-life love stories through a romantic short film starring Kapuso celebrities. The program then gives practical solutions to the featured love problem via engaging heart-to-heart conversations among host Jean, love expert Ali Gui, and a guest male celebrity. Each week, a guest male celebrity shares his witty and lighthearted views on a certain romantic issue. A select radio jock from one of the country’s leading FM stations, Barangay LS FM, also joins the Love Hotline team each week to weigh in on romantic issues. Love Hotline works hand-in-hand with Barangay LS FM to poll listeners on a particular “Love Question of the Day.” Before the show ends, the Love Hotline team will share possible remedies to the featured love problem. Adding an even more romantic feel to Love Hotline is the show’s upbeat theme song performed by popular RnB duo Thyro and Yumi titled “It’s All About LOVE.” Viewers can email their love problems at They can also join the Love Hotline discussion on Facebook: and Twitter: Tender and inspiring moments abound in LOVE HOTLINE. Prepare to be smitten Fridays, 4:15 p.m., on GMA.


May Queen

Set in a bustling coastal town outside of Seoul, this drama is a story of human triumph and success that the heroine, Annielou/Delmar, achieves. Starting a life in utter poverty will make life depressing and leave a person with a lifetime disadvantage in some cases. Overcoming these obstacles, Annielou/Delmar ultimately finds success. Burdened with the secret past of her birth parents, she navigates treacherous waters to reach her goal.


Prime Minister and I

Plucky young tabloid reporter Sasha Nam is looking for a scoop. What if it turns out that she herself is the scoop?    After getting snapped in a compromising photo with Yul Kwon, the country's youngest Prime Minister, a scandal starts to brew.    Yul has higher political aspirations and cannot afford such a scandal to taint his reputation. Yul and Sasha are forced to be pretend lovers to nip the scandal in the bud and save the Prime Minister's promising political career.    How long can they keep this charade up? More importantly, can true love blossom from something make-believe? 


24 Oras

News happens round the clock. And GMA is here to give you every important news item of the last 24 hours, delivered by the country’s most-trusted newscasters, Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco.


More Than Words

More Than Words is about the story of Ikay, a girl taunted as a weirdo at school because of her unique looks and constant daydreaming and spacing out most of the time. She finds solace in writing fiction online, creating the character of Katy Perez in her work titled "Diary of a Queen Bee."   Unlike Ikay, Katy is a cool, popular girl adored at Southville Academy. In her story, she creates her dream boy, Hiro.   The next morning, Ikay is surprised when she sees a boy washed ashore. It turns out he is exactly the guy she pictured in her blog entry.   Hiro finds himself in an unfamiliar place after figuring in an accident the night he rebelled against his widowed mom. He loses his memory, starts a new life, and eventually falls for Ikay.    Giving shelter to Hiro are Emil and Rose, whose relationship turned sour after their only child died many years ago. With the arrival of Hiro, they will find their way back to each other. Taking care of Hiro, the son they wished they had, will serve to mend their rocky relationship.   Under the helm of Andoy Ranay, More Than Words premieres this November 17 on GMA Telebabad after 24 Oras.     Visit Ikay's blog here:   


Strawberry Lane

The story revolves around the lives of Clarissa, Jack, Dorina, and Lupe who are accused as youth-in-conflict-with-the-law. Fate brings them together at Angel’s Haven, a reformation center for girls, with Ms. Digna (Chanda Romero) as the strict head. Despite having different personalities, these four girls share the same hope of fulfilling their dreams. In Strawberry Lane, their favorite place in Bahay Bagong Pangarap, they seek meaning in finding a new beginning. Dorina (Joyce Ching) is a soft-spoken girl who is weak in nature. At a very young age, she is separated from her parents Jonathan (TJ Trinidad) and Elaine (Sunshine Dizon) due to a saddening incident. Elaine’s sister Monique (Sheryl Cruz) is pleased when this happened because she hates Elaine and promises to make her life miserable. Their younger brother Richard (Christian Bautista) will do everything to restore harmony in their family. When Dorina finally grows up, she will work as a housemaid and will be accused of committing theft, leading her to Bahay Bagong Pangarap where she will meet three girls whom she will share a one-of-a-kind friendship. Bea’s character, Clarissa, was raised by her adoptive mother. To make ends meet, she will resort to stealing. Her heart’s greatest desire is to meet her father in the belief that her biological mother already died. She will eventually meet Gabo (Jake Vargas) who will become her guy best friend and will secretly fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Jack (Kim Rodriguez) is a boyish girl who is accused of arson in the factory where she is working. She does not believe in the idea of romantic love. But her world will turn upside down when she meets Paulino (Kiko Estrada), the boyfriend of Monique’s daughter Lavinia (Rita De Guzman). Though her friend Georgie (Jeric Gonzales) has hidden feelings for her, he will be afraid to confess what he feels. Lupe (Joanna Marie Tan) is the most ambitious among the four girls. Her dream is to be rich and money is the most important thing for her. Despite her selfishness, her three friends will still accept her for who she is. Together, these four girls will inspire each other to pursue their dreams and to remain hopeful no matter what life has in store for them. Witness how their lives eventually turn out to be intertwined as the story progresses.


Hiram na Alaala

In Hiram na Alaala, Ivan and Joseph instantly became friends when they were deployed to war. They overcome the ravages of armed conflict with Joseph's tales of great love for Andrea, while highlighting shared memories of their years together as lovers, and this is much to Ivan's amusement. However, in an encounter with rebels, both men were captured, imprisoned and tortured. Fate separates them. Joseph is left in captivity while Ivan is rescued by the military. The suffering Ivan experienced triggered him to assume the identity of Joseph, while losing memories, perception, and awareness of his own life and past. With this regained freedom and assumed identity, Ivan finds great love in the arms of Andrea as Joseph. Meanwhile, Andrea was devastated when she found out that Joseph was missing. But she will be surprised when Ivan claims that he is Joseph. Andrea eventually falls for Ivan because through him, she feels Joseph is still around. She sustains her great love for Joseph by allowing to relive her shared memories with her missing lover. On the other hand, when Joseph was eventually saved, he later finds out that Ivan and Andrea are already in love with each other. He thinks that he was betrayed by his best friend and girlfriend and is now left with the daunting challenge of bringing back Andrea's great love for him. The same goes with Bethany, Ivan's girlfriend. When Ivan returns after being rescued from rebels, Bethany is surprised to find out that her boyfriend is claiming that he is Joseph. What makes things worse is the fact that Ivan doesn't remember her and he thinks he is in love with someone else. Bethany will do everything to get Ivan back. Under the helm of the highly acclaimed director of Temptation of Wife and My Husband's Lover, Dominic Zapata, Hiram na Alaala premieres on September 22 on GMA Telebabad.


Bet ng Bayan

Bet ng Bayan is a reality talent search that will showcase the exceptional local Filipino talents from different regions to find the nation’s best. The search is open to all Filipino singers, dancers and other novelty performers. There are three categories in the competition – bet na singer/s, bet na dancer/s and bet na kakaibang talento.


Bubble Gang

The laughter never stops here in the funniest and longest running gag show in the country! For more than a decade, Bubble Gang has made audiences around the country roll over with laughter. Their commercial spoofs and recurring characters keep everyone in stitches while the parodies on politicians prove that nothing is sacred to their funny bones. Are you ready to laugh till you drop? The gang's gags and segments continue to make this the country's funniest spoof show.



The day is about to end but Serbisyong Totoo doesn’t stop. Cap off your night with the latest news from from Arnold Clavio and Vicky Morales.

January, the new month of love

January, the new month of love

On our 65th year, expect nothing but the best from your Kapuso network. Watch for our much-awaited new programs that will show you the different facets of love.  Read more

Heart Evangelista is Asian Dragon Weddings’ bride of the year

Heart Evangelista is Asian Dragon Weddings’ bride of the year

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos of Heart Evangelista as she graces the cover of Asian Dragon Weddings for its 2014-2015 issue. Read more

Rehearsal dinner for the DongYan wedding

Rehearsal dinner for the DongYan wedding

Last night, members of DongYan's wedding entourage attended the couple's rehearsal dinner at Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie.   Read more

Give every kid a chance – Pia Archangel

Give every kid a chance – Pia Archangel

Pia is asking you to be a bridge to kids in remote areas.  If you'd also like to share your heart, please donate to the Kapuso Foundation. #ShareTheLove Read more

Magpakailanman presents “Hari ng Kalsada: Traffic Enforcer, Turon Best-Seller!”

Magpakailanman presents “Hari ng Kalsada: Traffic Enforcer, Turon Best-Seller!”

Marami ang natuwa nang kumalat ang balita tungkol kay Fernando Gonzales, isang MMDA officer na mabait, at may kakaibang pamamaraan para makadagdag sa kinikita nang walang taong naaagrabyado. Read more

Tom feels closer to people because of 'Don’t Lose the Money'

Tom feels closer to people because of 'Don’t Lose the Money'

Tom Rodriguez on hosting his first game show: "Dito, ramdam mo 'yung pulso ng tao, ramdam mo 'yung pulso ng audience, ramdam mo 'yung pulso ng masa." Read more

Fall in love with Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali in 'Once Upon A Kiss'

Fall in love with Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali in 'Once Upon A Kiss'

GMA Network rings in the New Year with the launch of its newest primetime series that will captivate the hearts of Filipinos via 'Once Upon A Kiss.' It is a fresh retelling of a classic fairytale with a modern twist. The program premieres on January 5 after '24 Oras' on GMA Telebabad. Read more

Valerie Weigmann's quotable quotes

Valerie Weigmann's quotable quotes

She may have not brought home the international crown but Valerie Weigmann is still a woman of the world that Filipinos are greatly proud of. Read more

Vic Sotto at Pauleen Luna, gustong magkaroon ng mga sariling chikiting?

Vic Sotto at Pauleen Luna, gustong magkaroon ng mga sariling chikiting?

Kasal muna bago anak, pahayag ni Pauleen Luna. Read more

Be one in heart with Lance Serrano

Be one in heart with Lance Serrano

Lance is sharing his love this Christmas. If you'd also like to share your heart, please donate to the Kapuso Foundation. #ShareTheLove Read more


Chef Boy shares the love and the yum

Chef Boy shares the love and the yum

Chef Boy helps kids get the nourishment that they need. If you'd also like to share your heart, please donate to the Kapuso Foundation. #ShareTheLove Read more

Ibalik ang sigla ng Pasko – Sabrina Mann

Ibalik ang sigla ng Pasko – Sabrina Mann

Tulungan si Sabrina para muling maging masagana ang Pasko. If you'd also like to share your heart, please donate to the Kapuso Foundation. #ShareTheLove Read more

Isang history lesson mula kay Joey de Leon

Isang history lesson mula kay Joey de Leon

Saan nga ba galing ang 'La Loma' na siyang pangalan ng lugar na tinitirahan ng Sugod Bahay winner?  Read more

Ismol Family: Episode 27 teaser

Ismol Family: Episode 27 teaser

Ano ang mga rebelasyong dapat niyong tutukan ngayong Linggo sa bahay ng mga Ismol? Read more

Celebrity Bluff: Episode 106 teaser

Celebrity Bluff: Episode 106 teaser

Ngayong Pasko, masusungkit ba ng mga anak ng sikat ang 500,00 pesos? Read more