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The Sunday magical sitcom for the whole family! Comedy prince Vic Sotto takes on the role of Daddy Kul, the loving single father of Dinna (Danica Sotto),...

LOOK: Isabelle de Leon is all grown up!

LOOK: Isabelle de Leon is all grown up!

Remember Duday from the hit sitcom 'Daddy Di Do Du?' Former child actress Isabelle de Leon is now a lady, and will soon be seen in the Afternoon Prime series 'Magkaibang Mundo.' Get to know this actress-singer in this gallery. Read more

#ThrowbackThursday: 13 Pinoy fictional families we terribly miss

#ThrowbackThursday: 13 Pinoy fictional families we terribly miss

Mag balik-tanaw sa mga pamilyang sinubaybayan natin noon. Read more

Greta’s Goodbye

After years of family fun, Daddy Di Do Du says goodbye. As does Cindy Kurleto to her quirky character, Greta. Read more

July 29, 2007: The Finale!

In the finale episode of Daddy Di Do Du, Kul decides to leave his kids behind and start a new life with Greta in Austria. Read more

July 22, 2007: Goodbye, Greta?

Greta has a big problem: the immigrations office had just informed her that her VISA is about to expire and she will have to move back to Austria! Read more

July 8, 2007: Star Struck!

Donna takes a bite of the showbiz life when her idol visits her house and offers her a career! Read more

A Magalona To the Max!

Of course, her face is easily recognizable, undeniably a Magalona. How does she feel when people tell her that she is the spitting image of her father? Read more

June 24, 2007: Back to Boyish?

Feeling ignored by her husband-to-be Dinna decides to go back to her old tomboyish ways. Read more

June 17, 2007: Father's Day

Did Kul's daughters really forget about Father's Day? Read more


June 3, 2007: Cleaning the Bad Vibes

When disappointments fill the Vallejo house, Greta blames Kul for spreading the negative energy. Read more

May 27, 2007: Donna In Love

Donna falls in love with a cute guy at school and she does whatever it takes to make him like her too. Read more

May 20, 2007: Wedding Giveaways

Dinna and Paolo are feeling the pressures of their upcoming nuptials, and to save up some money, they accept Lyla’s help with the wedding giveaways. Read more

May 13, 2007: Mother's Day for Greta?

It’s Mother’s Day and Greta isn’t feeling the love from Kul’s children. Does it have anything to do with Kul’s decision to stop their Mother’s Day tradition? Read more

May 6, 2007: Witch Secrets

Dinna has one secret that she can’t tell Paolo without the consulting her sisters! Is Paolo ready to find out that she’s a witch? Read more

April 29, 2007: Donna's Summer Job

Donna doesn’t have money for the summer and she wants to prove to everyone that she can handle a job! Read more

April 22, 2007: The Consultant

When Dinna asks her friend to be her wedding consultant, trouble starts brewing. Read more

April 8, 2007: Wedding Woes

Everyone is getting excited for Dinna and Paolo's upcoming wedding! But everyone seems to be butting heads as well. Read more

April 1, 2007: Wedding Plans

It’s a couple’s crisis on Daddy Di Do Du when Dinna finds out that Paolo is no longer going to America! Read more

Daddy Di Do Du Gallery

Sundays are made better by the quirky witch-daughters of Daddy Vic! Read more

March 11, 2007: Anniv

It's Empee and Val's anniversary, but neither of the two is happy with what the other wants for their anniversary. Read more

A Family Like No Other

Visiting the set of Daddy Di Do Du for the first time is truly an experience worth writing about. Read more

A Modern Fairy Tale

As newlyweds Danica Sotto and Marc Pingris bask in the Boracay sun for their honeymoon, let’s find out how this story of true love came to be. Read more

Jose Manalo, family man

When the laughter fades and real life steps in, who is the real Jose Manalo? Read more

February 25, 2007: Vote for Kul!

Kul runs for Councilor, the whole gang supports him except for Greta! Greta is unhappy about Kul's political ambiton. Read more

Cindy Kurleto: Really a rebel?

Known for her numerous endorsements in print and TV, Cindy Kurleto is a commercial model first and actress second. Read more

The comedic Cindy Kurleto

We’ve all seen her in magazines and on MTV, but lately, we’ve also been seeing a lot of her in various Kapuso shows where she shines and blooms as expected. Read more

iGMA Exclusive: Danica Sotto

In Daddy Di Do Du, Danica plays Dinna, a tomboy-turned-girl with the power to freeze time. She talks to iGMA about her character, favorites, and how... Read more

June 19, 2005: Father's Day ... happy ba?

Miss Melanie Marquez guests in this Father's Day special. Read more

June 5, 2005: A new witch in town?

Starstruck's LJ Reyes guests as a witch that has decided to run away from magic school. Read more