October 08, 2008: Happy Birthday Kuya Germs

Oct 10, 2008

Arnell Ignacio is celebrating Kuya Germ’s birthday with the most eclectic group of contestants ever! Read more

October 3, 2008: Ready na Direk?

Oct 6, 2008

What happens when three directors get together for a game of Gobingo? Read more

October 2, 2008: Stunt Men

Oct 3, 2008

Lights, camera—in this episode of Gobingo, the contestants are very aware of the dangers of Action! Read more

October 1, 2008: Politics, politics

Oct 2, 2008

We’re moving on up! A former councilor, a current councilor and a vice mayor are showing off their intellect and grace in this episode Read more

September 29, 2008: Moms

Sep 30, 2008

This ain't Moms, you're still watching Gobingo with Moms hosts Sherilyn and Manilyn! Read more

September 22, 2008: Charity is a Virtue

Sep 26, 2008

Christmas is in the air, and in the minds of today's contestants! Read more

September 23, 2008: Chairpersons All

Sep 26, 2008

Chairmen, and woman, are playing in this episode of Gobingo. Read more

September 19, 2008: A StarStruck Reunion

Sep 22, 2008

It’s a laugh-tastic episode with three StarStruck avengers! Read more

September 17, 2008: Nandito nAPO sila!

Sep 19, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the APO Hiking Society! Read more

September 18, 2008: The Faces Behind the Voices

Sep 19, 2008

Are you ever curious what dubbers look like? Read more

September 16, 2008: Caretakers

Sep 17, 2008

This is one game that's very hard to predict—and who knows, this episode's winner may just do what no other contestant has done before. Read more

September 9, 2008: Go Techie!

Sep 10, 2008

Computer technicians are getting the chance to play a game of Gobingo! Read more

September 8, 2008: Public Figures

Sep 9, 2008

Three public personalities are out to prove that they can have let loose and have fun too! Read more

September 02, 2008: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Sep 4, 2008

Who let the dogs out?! Three veterinarians are barking up the money tree in this episode. Read more

September 03, 2008: Double Take

Sep 4, 2008

A songbird, a comedian and a sexy star competes for the chance to take home a brand new car. Read more


August 27, 2008: Rock 'n Roll 'n Bingo

Sep 2, 2008

One celebrity is rocking and rolling her way to the jackpot prize! Read more

August 28, 2008: Yes, Ma'am, Sir

Sep 2, 2008

How tough is it to sell products through live advertising? Read more

August 29, 2008: Clown Fashion

Sep 2, 2008

Two fashion designers and one fashion victim are taking part in this episode! Read more

September 1, 2008: Hardcore Gobingo

Sep 2, 2008

Rock out with some of the more well-known rockers in this episode! Read more

August 15, 2008: The Quizon Boys

Aug 28, 2008

It’s a fast-paced episode as Boy 2 Quizon, Epi Quizon, and Ronnie Quizon try to beat each other! Read more

August 19, 2008: Double the Fun

Aug 28, 2008

It’s the duel of the duos! Read more

August 20, 2008: Musicians Try Their Luck

Aug 28, 2008

Jay Durias, Nyoy Volante, and Gabby Eigenmann try their luck! Read more

August 21, 2008: Arnelli and the Money Factory

Aug 28, 2008

Factory workers team up with their supervisors, family, and friends. Read more

August 22, 2008: Dancers, Winners

Aug 28, 2008

Dancers make for great partners with their ability to play well with others. Read more

August 25, 2008: Do the Hula

Aug 28, 2008

Game Master Arnelli makes the contestant do the hula hoop dance for every wrong answer! Read more

August 26, 2008: Good afternoon, miss

Aug 28, 2008

Stand up, class! Read more

August 14, 2008: Librarians in da house!

Aug 20, 2008

Librarians are about to act out of character! Read more

August 12, 2008: Global Gobingo

Aug 14, 2008

Arnelli is about to test his world knowledge with his three contestants! Read more

August 13, 2008: The Good Old Days

Aug 14, 2008

Let’s take a trip back to the '80s! Read more

August 11, 2008: Sing It, Win It

Aug 12, 2008

Three male balladeers from SOP are crooning their way to the jackpot prize in this episode! Read more