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GMA-7, the country’s leading network, continues to intensify the evening block with the grand premiere of Joaquin Bordado, the most breathtaking and...

LOOK: Hottest Telefantasya Hunks  

LOOK: Hottest Telefantasya Hunks  

Which of these telefantasya characters is your dream guy? Read more

Carlo J. Caparas, isa nang national artist

Undoubtedly, Carlo J. Caparas trailblazed his own brand of art nang ipagsama niya ang dalawang ito, para sa masang Pilipino. Read more

Iza Calzado regrets missing final cut Emmy Awards

Iza Calzado was nearly nominated for an International Emmy Award for her role in Joaquin Bordado. Read more

Recognizing Iza

Iza Calzado's simple wish was to be respected in her craft and be a source of inspiration. This desire has now become a reality. Read more

Direk Mac’s words of wisdom

“Life is profound and simple at the same time. Life is an irony and a paradox, but it is so simple. Basically, do what you have to do" says Direk Mac. Read more

What's Next for Binoe?

Binoe reveals that he's off to film a suspense thriller under GMA Films, then he'll start training again for his next Carlo J. Caparas series, "Totoy Bato." Read more

A Triumphant Farewell to Joaquin Bordado

Startalk was able to chat with the original Bad Boy, Robin Padilla, during the live farewell episode of Joaquin Bordado last Friday. Read more

Chika Minute: Does Robin Padilla want a sequel to Joaquin Bordado?

Chika Minute: Does Robin Padilla want a sequel to Joaquin Bordado? Read more

Tattooed in History

The cast of 'Carlo J. Caparas' Joaquin Bordado' wants something tattooed on the minds and hearts of Filipinos even after the show ends this week. Read more

Beyond Bagets

Mark Herras is well on his way to tackling roles beyond his 21 years. He explains this transition on the set of Carlo J. Caparas' Joaquin Bordado Read more


July 7 to 11, 2008: Destiny’s Fulfillment

Joaquin discovered that the end of the world might come from his own son. Sofia prepared herself to fight her own husband, if it meant Jimboy's survival. Read more

Iza's Hard Goodbye

Iza Calzado reveals that she has a hard time letting go of people — especially those who she’s become friends with. Read more

Lasting impressions

With Carlo J. Caparas’ Joaquin Bordado ending this week, director Mac Alejandre shares a few words with iGMA Read more

Reality Icons

When you hear the names Ariel and Maverick, the first word that comes to mind is ‘retro’. And then, you remember who they were and what they’ve become. Read more

June 30 to July 4, 2008: Evil Unmasked

Sofia was finally revealed to everyone as the Heir of Xelvarria—and the battle for the survival of all that was good had already begun. Read more

June 23 to 27, 2008: The Choices We Make

Both Joaquin and Cecile made choices. One of them allowed for a happy ending, while the other made a new and formidable enemy. Read more

Chika Minute: Robin Padilla talks about risky stunt

Chika Minute: Robin Padilla talks about risky stunt Read more

June 9 to 13, 2008: Legacies

Joaquin decided to grant Jimboy his own Borda, Sofia found a new mother figure with her doctor, and Cefiro began to search for the heir of the Xelvarria. Read more

June 2 to 6, 2008: Struggles and Sacrifices

After Sofia discovered the deal he made with Jerome, Joaquin sacrifices his own feelings for Sofia’s happiness. But can Sofia be happy without him in her arms? Read more

Antonio’s soft spot

Playing a tough bully in Carlo J. Caparas’ Joaquin Bordado, Antonio further makes his presence felt as an actor not to be discounted. Read more

May 26 to 30, 2008: Tensions and Pretensions

Sofia Apacible finally regained her memories, but she also gained a dangerous enemy in Jerome and a rivalry with the mysterious Brianna. Read more

Inside Binoe’s trailer

A candid one-on-one with Robin Padilla is rare, given his incredibly hectic schedule. That’s why we felt lucky when Binoe invited us to his trailer for a chat. Read more

May 19 to 23, 2008: Most Dangerous of All

Jilco had warned Joaquin that he was about to face his toughest competition yet: a human infused with the most dangerous power of the Xelvarria. Read more

Melissa on Traveling and Love

Melissa Avelino is like a stress ball. She is a ray of light, a burst of sunshine, a wave that ripples the sea. Read more

This is Cefiro

John Regala has played many challenging characters in his career; but this time, his challenge is tougher than before. Read more

May 12 to 16, 2008: Truth be Told

Andeng revealed to Cecile the truth about her suitor, and Carol began to be wiser about the lies that her husband had been telling her. Read more

Love is blind

The Mark Herras-Ryza Cenon tandem is now highlighted in the top-rating action–adventure Joaquin Bordado. Read more

May 5 to 9, 2008: Compromise and Discovery

Jerome discovered that he now had powers, and General Russo found out that someone had been giving away Xelvarrian powers. Read more

Chika Minute: Is Mark Herras courting Kylie Padilla?

Chika Minute: Is Mark Herras courting Kylie Padilla? Read more

Like Father, Like Daughter

Following her father’s footsteps, Kylie Padilla, is an awesome addition to this famous showbiz clan. Read more