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After launching an explosive galactic adventure, GMA Network brings to light its newest and most spectacular telefantasya that will bring the viewers to...

The comeback of Ram Revilla

We learned of his comeback when he signed with GMA Artist Center (GMAAC) February of this year. Read more

Why Eula Loves Working with Direk Dom

Marami nang director na nakatrabaho si Eula Valdez sa kanyang career. Pero talagang puro praises ito for Direk Dominic Zapata. Bakit kaya? Read more

A bond thicker than blood

The friendship of Vergel and Lucero started when they were young. Important events in their lives led them to separate paths and defined who they are. Read more

Missing Kamandag

What will the cast of Kamandag miss the most? Read more

Chika Minute: Maxene, Jewel do risky stunt for Kamandag

Chika Minute: Maxene, Jewel do risky stunt for Kamandag Read more

A day with Kamandag

Everyone wants to meet Vergel and the cast in person and experience the world of Kamandag. And four lucky viewers were able to do just that! Read more

Vergel's True Love

In the final week of Carlo J Caparas’ Kamandag we will finally find out who Vergel will choose to love – Jenny or Lily. Read more

April 21 to 25, 2008: A Race to the End

Kamandag had met his end, but in truth, the last chapter of his life had just begun. Read more

The End of Kamandag

Richard Gutierrez gave a press briefing discussing the plans and surprises that is in store for the epic’s big finale. Read more

Chika Minute: Richard Gutierrez gets cut in fight scene

Chika Minute: Richard Gutierrez gets cut in fight scene Read more


April 14 to 18, 2008: Powers Lost

Vergel turned his back on destiny and his heritage as a Hasbaya—all to give Ditas what she wanted: her humanity back. Read more

April 7 to 11, 2008: Embracing the Dark

In the coming end of Kamandag, revelations are coming—but most importantly, so is war. Read more

Cat Fight!

Francine shares her thoughts on Sunshine Dizon’s inclusion on the hit telefantasya Kamandag. Read more

March 31 to April 4, 2008: No Room for Answers

Vergel had finally reunited with Ditas, but the reunion was a little too hostile than what our hero expected. Read more

Chika Minute: Richard Gutierrez, Jewel Mische visit Tokyo

Chika Minute: Richard Gutierrez, Jewel Mische visit Tokyo Read more

Marked and Dangerous

Mark Anthony Fernandez plays another marked role and establishes his career as one of the most talented antagonists in Philippine television. Read more

March 24 to 28, 2008: Return to What Was

When Vergel finally returned to the Mortal world from Abograw, he found out that everything had gone wrong while he was away. Read more

March 17 to 19, 2008: An Era Ends

Vergel has a new weapon and ally at his side. With this, a new era will dawn on Ambograw. Read more

The Dragon Lady

New characters have been introduced to Kamandag to make the plot more riveting. Meet the fire-breathing lady Ragona! Read more

A third look at Kamandag!

Here's a fresh batch of pics from Carlo J. Caparas' Kamandag! Check out the cast members' costumes, makeup, and preparations before their scenes. Read more

Kamandag’s Secrets

Portraying a half-man, half-snake hero is not an easy feat, but who else is more apt to play the role than the Primetime King himself, Richard Gutierrez Read more

March 3 to 7, 2008: A Death Sentence

Vergel went to Ambograw, not knowing the danger he posed to himself by leaving the safety of the mortal world. Read more

Kamandag’s other Gutierrez

Elvis dons a bull costume and becomes Agol, son of the late King Budol (Johnny Delgado) from the tribe of Orobaya in the kingdom of Ambograw. Read more

Ano ang iyong kamandag? (cast edition)

The cast members of Kamandag reveal what their kamandag is! Could it be their charm, sense of humor or their looks? Their responses are quite a revelatio Read more

February 25 to 29, 2008: Hard Choices

Who should Vergel pick: the woman he loved who turned him away, or the woman who has been there for him since the beginning? Read more

Francine Prieto: Take two

See the statuesque Francine Prieto with her Kamandag and ESP co-stars. Read more

February 18 to 22, 2008: These Daughters

Two mothers turned their back on their respective daughters, and one found her way back to her father’s arms. Read more

A Closer Look at Ditas

Gone are chic sexy outfits and deadly knives. Ehra Madrigal's newest role has her playing one of the most different characters she's ever had to bring to life. Read more

February 11 to 15, 2008: The Mythology of the Rapaya

Ragona’s origins were revealed and Lucero had everyone fooled that Vergel was Talim. Read more

Mark Anthony: TV's Bad Boy

Mark Anthony Fernandez brings his trademark intensity to Kamandag. Catch him on the set of this primetime hit. Read more