#HeartOverHate: Use the power of your words

January 08, 2018
Your words have the power to effect change so be a hero to someone and stop cyberbullying.

#HeartOverHate: "Just be strong, just be tough" - Julie Anne San Jose

November 18, 2017
The Asias Pop Sweetheart focuses on bettering herself to prove people.

#HeartOverHate: Kris Bernal reminds "life is beautiful"

November 16, 2017
The Impostora star focuses her energy on the bright side of life and the people who are in it.

#HeartOverHate: Andrea Torres stands up for her brother

November 14, 2017
The Alyas Robin Hood leading lady shares her story of strength and inspiration.

#HeartOverHate: Matthias Rhoads gives a dose of positivity

November 12, 2017
The Kapuso leading man says to be proud of each other and leave positive comments.

#HeartOverHate: Meg Imperial shares her pain

November 10, 2017
The Super Maam actress thinks kindness is the best revenge.

#HeartOverHate: Kim Domingo chooses love

November 08, 2017
The Asias Fantasy logs off from her social media account to cool down and avoid hitting back at her bashers.

#HeartOverHate: Choose love

October 21, 2017
Kapuso stars share the most hurtful comment they received online.

GMA supports #HeartOverHate campaign

October 09, 2017
The Kapuso network continues to take a stand against cyberbullying.

Soon on GMA Network

September 25, 2017
Can you guess what you should expect from GMA Network, mga Kapuso?

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