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PSE Index September 1, 2014
Close: 7083.49 Change: 32.6
Volume: 1.355 billion shares Value: P8.413 billion


  • Why the DAP is economically irrational

    The DAP did not stimulate the economy: it did not contribute to one-fourth of the 2011 growth as claimed, it is not large enough to have an impact on the whole economy,  and it was not spent on projects that immediately boost consumer and investment spending.
  • Analysis: Joint petroleum development in the South China Sea

    LONDON - Shared development of oil, gas and possibly other natural resources is the most promising option for reducing tensions in the South China Sea and should be the focus of efforts to improve diplomatic relations between China and its coastal neighbors.
  • Rising nickel stocks keep bull story under wraps

    LONDON – For a market supposedly facing an imminent and dramatic supply shortfall, there sure is a lot of nickel around.
  • Putin’s Ukraine invasion threat is more than a bluff – but not his preference

    Ukrainian troops have made huge headway routing the separatists in the east. They are in the process of choking off the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk, to which many of the separatists have retreated. The Ukrainian military appears primed to besiege the cities. As Ukraine has gained, Putin has prepared Russia for invasion: 20,000 combat-ready troops are amassed at the border. The chance that Russia invades is certainly going up.
  • Satellites and seafood: China keeps fishing fleet connected in disputed waters

    TANMEN ,China  – On China's southern Hainan island, a fishing boat captain shows a Reuters reporter around his aging vessel. He has one high-tech piece of kit, however: a satellite navigation system that gives him a direct link to the Chinese coastguard should he run into bad weather or a Philippine or Vietnamese patrol ship when he's fishing in the disputed South China Sea.