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PSE Index December 19, 2014
Close: 7125.63 Change: 96.35
Volume: 1.512 billion shares Value: P2.5 million


  • US retailers give themselves makeover as millennials follow own beat

    Compared with their parents, millennials are far less likely to identify with a political party or to formally affiliate with a religion – key indicators of an independent streak – according to Pew Research Center. As shoppers, they are less attached to brands and more willing to create their own style, surveys by Nielsen, The Boston Consulting Group and other researchers have found.
  • Saudi Arabia is playing chicken with its oil

    The kingdom has two targets in its latest oil war: it is trying to squeeze U.S. shale oil—which requires higher prices to remain competitive with conventional production—out of the market. More broadly, the Saudis are also punishing two rivals, Russia and Iran, for their support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the Syrian civil war. Since the Syrian uprising began in 2011, regional and world powers have played out a series of proxy battles there.
  • Saudi Arabia is playing chicken with its oil

    In August 1973, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat paid a secret visit to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to meet with King Faisal. Sadat was preparing for war with Israel, and he needed Saudi Arabia to use its most powerful weapon: oil.
  • Will cheap gas last? The answer and nine other predictions for 2015

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel: It’s great to have lower oil prices; greater still to have oil. In the past five months, oil prices have fallen 40 percent, and that will fuel economic growth. But oil extraction and exploration aren’t getting cheaper, and prices need to be higher than below $70 a barrel to pay for them. Middle East oil producers are suspected of flooding the market with oil to make shale-oil extraction in North America uneconomical — but they won’t want to cause another slump. If we get more growth, oil demand will increase again – and so will prices. Make the best of the cheaper times.
  • Proposed PHL minerals ban spooks global nickel market

    News that the Philippines was preparing to follow Indonesia in banning exports of unprocessed minerals caused panic in the London nickel market last week.


  • US stocks: Wall St up for 3rd day, led by energy shares
  • PHL's balance of payments registers deficit in November
  • PHL current account surplus widens in Q3
  • Wall Street performance push PHL share prices over 7,100
  • Global Markets: Asian stocks catch Wall Street tailwind