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PSE Index February 20, 2015
Close: 7825.39 Change: 21.94
Volume: 3.977 billion shares Value: P6.471 billion


  • The oil price is just plain wrong

    The oil price is still too high, often too low and much too volatile. In other words, this is a market that doesn’t work well for anyone.
  • Record traffic is boosting US fuel demand

    LONDON  - Traffic on U.S. highways has hit a new record as the economy recovers and the lower cost of gasoline and diesel encourages more travel.
  • Apple Watch seems to be banking an awful lot on its name

    The Apple Watch, of course, does more. The face is high resolution and in color. It even has apps that allow you to do a few of the things you’d be able to do if only you could muster the strength to dig your hand into the front pocket of your jeans, or do a little digging in your handbag. It comes in aluminum, steel and gold, ranging from $349 to $10,000. Seriously. There were gold digital watches, too.
  • US businesses brace for oil investment downturn

    LONDON – Oil and gas production is fundamental to the US economy. The sharp downturn in prices will have a negative impact on business investment in the short-term before the positive impact on consumer spending takes over further down the line.
  • Facebook’s investment largesse looks manageable – for now.

    Boss Mark Zuckerberg has splashed out so much on new projects that his company’s fourth-quarter operating margin fell by a third. But the social network’s top line grew 49 percent, thanks to more users and mobile income. That’s a reasonable dynamic, assuming Zuckerberg is picking the right ventures.

Money & Banking

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