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CDO trader says de Borja asked for Sabio's number

August 1, 2008 8:08pm

MANILA, Philippines - Businessman Francis De Borja had asked for the cellphone number of Court of Appeals Justice Jose Sabio Jr. about a week before allegations of bribery to favor the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) came out.

The remark was made by Evelyn Clavano, a resident of Cagayan de Oro City, who issued a sworn statement saying that Francis de Borja called her through her cell phone and asked for the number of Sabio.

"Francis de Borja requested me if I have the cell phone number of Justice Jose L. Sabio Jr. He related that because he is very close to the Lopezes of Meralco, he wanted to call him (Sabio) regarding his possible inhibition in a certain Meralco case, wherein he was designated as a substitute member of the division vice a justice who was temporarily on-leave by reason of sickness,"Clavano said.

"He further said that the Lopezes desire that the same Justice, with whom the Lopezes are more comfortable, to sit in the division. So, I gave Francis de Borja the cell phone number of Justice Jose L. Sabio Jr. through business card," she added.

Sabio was Clavano’s family lawyer when he was still in his private practice about 30 years ago while Borja was the broker for a property owned by PN Roa Realty Corporation.

The PN Roa Realty Corporation was the family company pf Clavano.

It is now owned by the Pueblo de Oro Dev. Corporation.

Clavano's affidavit was shown to reporters by Sabio on Friday. GMANews.TV
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