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Joyce Jimenez marries Fil-Am BF in California

August 24, 2008 12:32pm
Startalk aired Saturday, August 23, the phone interview of Ricky Lo with sexy actress Joyce Jimenez, who's currently in the United States to talk about her recent exchange of "I dos" with Filipino-American boyfriend Paul Eli Egbalic. Joyce and Paul exchanged marriage vows yesterday at Walnut, California.

Ricky earlier asked Joyce to describe her upcoming wedding. Joyce excitedly related, "It's 9:30 in the morning. So, it's a day wedding and then the reception is an afternoon reception. So it's more casual than anything. It's not a coat and tie."

When asked about how many guests would arrive, Joyce answered, "around 200."

How come they decided to get married in the U.S and not in the Philippines instead?

"Nakakalungkot, but the reason I had it here, not only is my family here, but most of his family is based here. He doesn't have family in the Philippines. So if I had it in the Philippines, it would have been only be good for me. Siyempre naman, we're trying to be fair to each other," explained Joyce.

Ricky asked, "May mga nagtataka kung bakit sudden ang wedding. Baka daw infaticipating ka?"

"Ah no, not at all!" Joyce said. "I kept it very quiet. I just wanted everything to have fallen in place as possible. I wanted to be it on my own."

Joyce told Ricky Lo that she met Paul last December 2005. They started going out by April or May 2006, and they got engaged.

Ricky Lo also got the opportunity to talk to Paul himself, the man who wed the Philippine's "Pantasya ng Bayan."

"Paul, I understand that both your parents are Filipino?" Ricky asked.

"Yes," Paul answered. "I was born in the Philippines, in Quezon City."

"How old were you when you migrated to the U.S.?"

"I was just a baby," Paul answered. "We left the Philippines when I was about two...three years old."

Switching the topic to Joyce, Ricky asked Paul, "What were the first things that attracted you to her?"

"The things I liked about her all these years were that she's down to earth," Paul said.

"So, what are your plans after the wedding?" Ricky asked

Joyce answered, "After two weeks, I'm going to fly back to the Philippines."

"Where do you plan to settle down?"

"We're going to settle down in California, but I still have a lot of things I want to take care of," Joyce answered.

Now that she's married, would Joyce leave behind her showbiz career in the Philippines?

"Of course not. I am just getting married. It's not going to change anything to me other than my legal status. The Philippines is my home and that's really where my heart is," said Joyce. - Philippine Entertainment Portal
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