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Erap rushes to hospital, fails to join interfaith rally in Makati

December 12, 2008 10:07pm

MANILA, Philippines - Former President Joseph Estrada was unable to join the interfaith rally Friday in Makati after rushing to the San Juan Medical Hospital to be with his 103-year-old mother.

A statement from Estrada's camp said Doña Mary's blood pressure had gone down.

The statement added that Estrada was already in Makati City at the residence of Mayor Jejomar Binay together with former members of his Cabinet and some high school classmates, ready to proceed to the rally.

Estrada learned of his mother's condition after a call from his eldest sister, Dra. Pilarica Ejercito.

Immediately after that call, Estrada excused himself to proceed immediately to the hospital.

All the living brothers and sisters of the former president were called and later present at the hospital due to the severe condition of their mother, Doña Mary.

According to Dr. Ernesto Acosta, Doña Mary's blood pressure went down to 60 and she was experiencing great difficulty in breathing.

A blood test also revealed very low hemoglobin count. Dr. Acosta called Doña Mary's condition "severe hypotension", which is extremely critical.

The doctors gave her a blood suppressor and oxygenation and performed blood transfusion.

Doña Mary responded well to these and is now stable once again.

However, her doctor said that she must still remain under very close observation and intensive care. - PR/GMANews.TV
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