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Nene: APO naked protest discriminated women

March 5, 2009 11:38pm
MANILA, Philippines - Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. on Thursday continued his tirade against what he called the "blatant display of male genitals" during Tuesday's fraternity event in Manila's Sampaloc district. This time, he said it discriminated women.

"Para bang discriminatory sa mga babae sapagkat 'yung mga na nagpe-perform na burlesque, for example, sa mga bars, nira-raid, hinuhuli. (Pero) ito, publicly, ginagawa ng mga lalaki... parang balewala. That's discrimination against women," Pimentel said in a report aired over GMA News' “24 Oras."

[“Women, when they perform naked in bars, get arrested. But when these men ran naked in public, nobody arrested them. That's discrimination against women."]

In a privilege speech Wednesday, Pimentel said he could not see any social relevance of the affair, which was similar to the UP Oblation Run and staged by members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

"To repeat, what redeeming social value does displaying the male genitals to prurient or innocent audience young and old posses to justify it?" Pimentel said, as he called for an investigation on the issue.

Pimentel said under the Revised Penal Code, those who participated in the event - their schools included - could be held liable for their actions.

"The Revised Penal Code prohibits public display of private parts. That's why they are called private. They shouldn't be shown around in public," he said.

Pimentel found an ally in Father Rex Vidal, SVD, who said the protesters should've used other means to convey their message. "The end does not justify the means," he said.

Students however shrugged off Pimentel's tirade. In the same report, an APO member said what's important was that they were able to convey to the public the message they wanted to convey.

"Ang importante sa amin kung ano 'yung issue na gusto namin iparating sa mga tao makarating sa kanila [What’s important for us is that the issue we want to relay to the public reaches them]," said Dino Evangelista. - GMANewsTV
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