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Bicol develops new products from seaweeds

March 15, 2009 1:33pm
mulling to extend product development support through packaging, processing, and nutritional tests to the Regional Integrated Fisheries Research Center (RIFRC) in Bicol.

In a statement, Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) said four new products from seaweeds were developed by the center: jam, pickles, tart and infant food similar to Gerber.

"These products, though newly-developed, have competitive advantage in the market considering the uniqueness of the products, taste, and nutritional value.

They can also add on to the list of One-Town-One Product (OTOP) products from the Bicol region alongside pili and abaca products," the statement read quoting RIFRC head Aida S. Andayog.

A priority program of the government, the OTOP promotes entrepreneurship and create jobs through a specific product or service in each city and municipality of the country.

The BAR's technology commercialization unit, which facilitates the funding and monitoring of viable technologies on agriculture and fisheries from the different research and development institutions, evaluated the project last month.

"The products, once commercialized, will have the 'first mover' advantage in the market which can compete against other processed products not usually found in the region; therefore, assuring its market share and competitive edge relative to the price," the statement read. -GMANews.TV
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