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Arroyo's 10-point legacy: Big words, broken promises

August 14, 2009 11:25pm

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had clearly laid out the blueprint of her government in the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan.

But an assessment of the 10-point legacy of the MTPDP for 2004 to 2010 yields disappointing results. Data compiled by GMA News Research indicate the Arroyo administration may be far from achieving its goals.

»» The Arroyo government is very far from achieving its target of reducing poverty to 17 percent. Poverty data as of 2006, the latest so far, placed the poverty incidence at 32.9 percent. Read more || SONA 2009: Poverty (pdf)

»» The government’s claim that it is on track in meeting its 2010 goal to create 10 million jobs is based on both real and assumed numbers. Read more || SONA 2009: Jobs (pdf)

»» 98 percent of barangays nationwide have been given access to electricity as of April 2009, a marked improvement from the start of Arroyo's term. But actual electric connection stands at only 70 percen with poor provinces having the lowest rates of electricity connection. Read more || SONA 2009: Infrastructure - Power and Water (pdf)

»» The Arroyo administration pledged to put more children in school, build more classrooms, and provide computers to public high schools. So far, only the classroom and computer quotas have been met. Read more || SONA 2009: Education (pdf)

»» Contrary to the President's promise, peace has yet to come to Mindanao and all insurgency areas. Peace talks both with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the National Democratic Front are stalled , and the people have paid dearly for the cost of conflict, both in human lives and in scarce government funds. Read more || SONA 2009: National Harmony (pdf)
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