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Vic Sotto, Pia Guanio admit romantic liaison

October 9, 2006 4:01pm

After shrugging off weeks of gossip, Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio finally admitted that they have been in a serious relationship with each other.

"Bakit nagtatanong pa sila? Di pa ba obvious?" Pia told Lolit Solis in last Sunday's S Files, as Vic sat beside her in a break at some poolside location shoot.

In earlier, separate interiews with the "Chika Minute" segment of GMA's 24 Oras, the Eat Bulaga regulars merely shrugged off questions about their being close, saying that they didn't feel comfortable discussing their personal lives.

But in this S Files admission, they looked relaxed. Vic said he couldn't figure out what the fuss was all about in the first place.

Well, he's always had such a reputation for being a ladies' man that any girl he's seen alone with in public, or teams up with in a movie, gets romantically linked with him — especially now that he's single again, his marriage with Dina Bonnevie having been annulled.

In October last year, his mere arriving at the premiere of Spiritista with leading lady Cindy Kurleto started the rumor mill grinding about their relationship.

In May this year, it was Julia Clarete, another Eat Bulaga regular, that got linked with him — too closely, he found it funny. The rumor was that he and Julia had aready been living together.

In the "Chika Minute" interview that followed, Vic said: "Natawa lang ako kasi si Julia po ang nagbalita sa akin. Ang sabi ko: 'Ayos! Magkano ang ginastos mo sa balitang ‘yan?'"

Curiously, Vic and Pia, in one S File episode, both denied being romantically involved with each other. Vic even told Pia, who was doing the interview herself: "Hindi naman kita binigyan condo. Baka kunsumisyon, oo."

In last Sunday's S Files, the couple ate their words — but happily.

Turning to Pia, Lolit Solis asked what it was that attracted her to Vic.

"I found out di pala siya suplado sa personal. Mabait pala siya. He's funny — but then everybody knows that," Pia said.

Which shouldn't be surprising if you know that Pia, like many women, find humor, among other things, very appealing in men. In fact, in one FHM interview a few years ago, Pia said one person she wouldn't mind having dinner with is someone like Conan O'Brien.

Anyway, Lolit Solis turned to Vic and asked if Pia would be the last woman in his life. In other words, would their affair lead to marriage?

Vic's answer was a quick and short: "Puwede."

Pia, who in her iGMA homepage says that what she values most is loyalty, had this to say: "Of course, you always hope and pray that the person you're with is the last person you'll always be with."

And how are Vic's children, Oyo Boy and Danica, taking the affair?

"Close naman sila," Vic said.

In fact, in an earlier interview, again with "Chika Minute," Vic said of Pia: "Matagal na (siyang) part of the Sotto family. Parang magkapatid yan si Ciara, si Pia, si Apples. They always go out. They watch concerts."

Incidentally, Pia is doing a guest appearance in Vic Sotto's new movie, Enteng Kabisote 3.
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