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Pinoy 'Hangaroo' game features presidentiables and slogans

February 6, 2010 12:04pm
How familiar are you with your presidential candidates, their nicknames, slogans, and advocacies?

Thanks to local blogger Marhgil Macuha, Computer-savvy users can test their knowledge of local candidates and their platforms in a Filipino version of the popular online game "Hangaroo."

One plays the game by guessing the letters in the name or slogan, but four wrong guesses would cause the online kangaroo to be hanged.

In the local version of the game, the presidentiables' slogans come out randomly, and are mixed in with other categories such as Filipino food, movies, politicians, provinces, and even festivals.

A hint that one is to guess a presidentiable's name or slogan is when the category reads, "Anything 2010 Philippine Election."

Presidentiables and slogans mentioned included a jingle...

Pinoy Hangaroo screencapture featuring Villar

... a one-liner...

Pinoy Hangaroo screencapture featuring Aquino

... and even just a name:

Pinoy Hangaroo screencapture featuring Erap

Even the candidates who are lagging in recent presidential surveys by pollsters Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations get equal exposure through their slogans...

Pinoy Hangaroo screencapture featuring Gibo

...and team nicknames:

Pinoy Hangaroo screencapture featuring Gordon

On the other hand, a question referring to a member of a clan linked to a gruesome massacre last November indicates that the game's designers are keenly aware of local current events:

Pinoy Hangaroo screencapture featuring Ampatuan

There is no favoritism: the player who makes four wrong guesses in all of the presidentiables' slogans condemns the kangaroo to death, just like all the items in the other categories.

Also, each wrong guess made by the player gets a scolding from the kangaroo, just like the other questions in the game.

Computer-savvy voters can take a shot at playing the game below:

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