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PAG-ASA: Baguio to have a wet and warm Christmas

November 19, 2006 4:28pm
BAGUIO CITY – Baguio City will have a wet and warm Christmas season, according to the Philippine Atmospheric and Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). So tourists are advised to bring along their umbrellas and not-so-thick jackets.

Government engineer Joseph Rios, chief meteorological officer and senior weather specialist said, Baguio is expcted to go through two tropical cyclones from November to December — ”Reming” and “Seniang.”

“El Niño strengthened in October and indicated a progressive growth in the occurrence of El Niño.” El Niño (Spanish for "Christ the Child") happens when the western Pacific Ocean warms and cools in cycles.

Normally, east-to-west winds pile up warm water in the western Pacific, while cold water from deep in the ocean rises to the surface along the South American Coast, he explained.

Every few years, the trade winds change, allowing the pool of warm water to move to the east where it blocks the rising cold water.

“These changes help trigger the global weather changes associated with El Niño," Rios said, citing a report from PAG-ASA acting director Dr. Prisco Nilo.

“The Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITZC), the tail end of a cold front, the occurrence of three tropical cyclones, namely ‘Neneng,’ ‘Ompong,’ and ‘Paeng’ and the northeast monsoon greatly affected the country towards the last quarter of 2006, the PAGASA said. The El Niño episode is expected in the next 3 months and will likely continue through April to June 2007,” Rios further added.

But despite the expected typhoons, the city would experience warmer temperature because of El Niño, ranging from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius.

The coolest temperature recorded for Baguio City was on Jan. 18, 1976 with 6.3-degrees Celsius. The coldest recorded temperature for this year was 11 degrees Celsisu, recorded on Feb. 4. - GMANews.TV
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