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'Hacktivist' spree continues, Tunisian govt site latest target

June 28, 2011 9:43am
“Hacktivist" attacks on government websites continued despite the apparent disbanding of a high-profile hacker group last weekend. This time around, a Tunisian government site became the latest target.

On Tuesday (Manila time), hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack on the Tunisian government’s official website, The Hacker News reported.

As of 4:16 a.m. (Manila time), the Tunisian government website appeared normal.

But a post on The Hacker News site said that at the time the site was under Anonymous’ control, it displayed text posted by Anonymous, with a masked image that symbolizes the group.

"The Internet is the last frontier and we will not let corrupt governments spoil it. We are Anonymous, We are LulzSec, We are People from around the world who are stepping in the name of freedom," The Hacker News report quoted Anonymous as saying.

Ironically, LulzSec (Lulz Security) had called it quits last Sunday (Manila time) after 50 days of hacking into government and corporate sites.

However, LulzSec called on hackers to continue supporting Operation AntiSec, its joint effort with Anonymous, to steal and post online the data taken from sites they attack.

The Hacker News noted the Tunisian government had been accused of blocking social networking sites such as Facebook, and video sharing sites like YouTube. — RSJ, GMA News
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