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iOS 5 takes away Multi-Touch from original iPad, says tech site

October 12, 2011 11:09pm
Amid all the goodies it promises to give, iOS 5 - Apple's latest operating system for mobile devices - may ironically be taking away some goodies from the original iPad tablet.

Users of the iPad 1 may no longer have a “developers only" feature that allowed system-wide four- and five-finger Multi-Touch gestures, according to tech site The Next Web.

"(W)hat Apple giveth, Apple also taketh away. Users of the original iPad will find that iOS 5 takes away the system-wide Multi-Touch gestures that they have grown so used to in the past few months," it said.

With the four- and five-finger multi-gestures, one can swipe up with four or five fingers to raise the multitasking panel.

Similar swipes to the left and right allow the user to switch between running apps. A pinching gesture using those same fingers lead to the Home screen.

"As with Apple’s trackpads and Mac OS X Lion, which prevent you from being able to go back to other trackpads and operating systems once you have gotten used to them, any iPad without these gestures seems much less usable," The Next Web said.

The iOS 5, considered among the most significant in iOS’s history, includes 200 new features including a new notification system, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, and Twitter integration.

"If you have never used the Multi-touch gestures I have described above on your iPad and don’t care to start now, or if you have but think you can live without them, by all means, upgrade to iOS 5. If you are using an iPad 2, you should definitely update to iOS 5. Apple has packed it to the seams with some amazing features and the mad rush to update to it that we will be seeing later today will be justified," The Next Web said.

But those who have gotten used to the Multi-touch gestures on the iPad 1 and think they can live without the new "fancy features" of iOS 5, "perhaps you should stick with iOS 4.3," it advised. — ELR, GMA News
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