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Sex videos of Dr. Who's Jenna Coleman? Just a scam, folks

March 22, 2012 11:48am
In what very well may be a testament to her rising popularity, the latest co-star in the long-running BBC scifi show “Doctor Who” has also become the latest victim of Twitter scammers, who are exploiting her name to drive users to a third-party porn site. 
This latest Twitter-related scam mentioned the name of Jenna-Louise Coleman and referred to sex videos, computer security firm Sophos reported.
“Human nature being what it is, you probably wouldn’t be that surprised if some sci-fi fans clicked on the links out of err.. curiosity. However, the webpage you are taken to doesn’t have any content (pornographic or otherwise) related to the Time Lord’s latest sidekick. Instead, you’ll find what appears to be a portal for an Asian hardcore porn video website,” Sophos said in a blog post.
Coleman, 25, was recently unveiled as the new Doctor Who companion. Doctor Who is one of Britain’s biggest television shows, and is popular elsewhere around the world.
Clickjacking tactics

Sophos particularly warned against clicking on the video thumbnails, pointing out that each thumbnail masked a secret Twitter follow button.
“Unsuspecting site visitors are being tricked through a clickjacking exploit into unwittingly following a Twitter account,” it said.
It said browser plugins such as NoScript can help protect against clickjacking, and warn you about the true intentions of webpages such as this.
“Of course, the scammers could just have easily transported you to a webpage containing malware, a survey scam or a rogue application. The point is that you should always be cautious about the links which you click on,” it added.
“Of course, it’s Jenna-Louise Coleman today and will be someone else tomorrow. Twitter spammers are simply grabbing the latest trending topics and shoving them in their tweets in the hope that users will stumble across them and fall into their trap,” it said.

The latest Companion

Coleman's selection as the next "companion" to Doctor Who's eponymous protagonist follows  a long-standing tradition on the television series, which has been running since 1963. 

Officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records
as the world's longest-running scifi show, Doctor Who has been graced by a long string of companions who have served to give a human perspective —and, sometimes, even provide a romantic interest— to the show's alien time-travelling hero. 

As such, the role of companion has traditionally been much coveted and much publicized, especially in recent years. 

Below is a quick interview by the BBC with Coleman just after she was announced to be taking on the role:
— TJD, GMA News
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