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Father's Day spam emails point to gambling sites

June 15, 2012 7:36am
With Father's Day just two days away, scammers are flooding email inboxes with spam mail leading to gambling websites, a security vendor said Friday (Manila time).
Sophos said it has intercepted a large number of "Buy your dad a cigar" spam messages in the run-up to Father's Day this weekend.
"If you click on links in the email you will typically end up on gambling websites. Presumably the spammers are hoping to earn affiliate commission by driving traffic to the websites, and hope that the thought of buying a cigar at the last-minute for Father's Day will be enough to get folks to click," it said in a blog post.
But it said it is also possible the scammers messed up trying to point to cigar websites, and pointed to other websites by mistake.
It advised recipients of such emails against clicking on links in unsolicited emails.
Also, it said recipients should not even consider purchasing products promoted via spam messages. — RSJ, GMA News
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