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Jessica Sanchez has a boyfriend! Guess who?

July 21, 2012 9:30pm

It's now out in the open -- Jessica Sanchez, the Filipino-Mexican-American first runner-up of this year's "American Idol," has just confirmed that she has a boyfriend.

He is none other than Sanchez's fellow contestant DeAndre Brackensick -- one of the finalists of "American Idol" Season 11.

According to the official website of the blockbuster reality show, both Sanchez and Brackensick are from California: Sanchez is from Chula Vista while Brackensick hails from San Jose further north.

Sanchez, 16, and Brackensick, 17, are also only a year apart.

A report on the entertainment site Hollywood Reporter said the big reveal happened when Sanchez was on a "U Stream" live chat with her fans.
“I got a secret and I want you guys to guess. I’ll nod if it’s no or yes,” said Sanchez.
A fan asked: “Got a boyfriend?”
Sanchez answered: “DeAndre. Hahah. He's my boyfriend. Love you guys. Byeeee!”
It is not known exactly when the romance started between Sanchez and Brackensick, who was in the Top 8 of Season 11 of "American Idol."
The two are currently part of the live tours of the Top 10 contestants of "American Idol."

On his official Twitter account, Brackensick said: “Me and jessica are officially dating :)”
“Yes jessica is my girlfriend :)" Brackensick further confirmed.


How compatible are Sanchez and Brackensick?

Fans can get a clue based on their answers in the Q & A section of the "American Idol" website:

What has been the most unique job/chore you've ever had?
Sanchez: I've done a cricket commercial. That was pretty fun!
Brackensick: I sang at a convention for the deaf. It was an amazing experience. They can't hear me, but they still feel me through my vibrations.

How would you define success in life?
Sanchez: Just being happy in the position that you're in. Not only being satisfied, but feeling accomplished.
Brackensick: Enjoying what you do... doesn't matter how much money you make; as long as you enjoy it you are successful in life.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever seen or experienced??
Sanchez: I've ran into a pole before.
Brackensick: Falling down the bleachers on my first day of high school in front of everybody.

What's your proudest moment in life outside of American Idol?
Sanchez: Being on 'America's Got Talent' when I was younger. That process was similar, but I got through it and learned from my mistakes. Great experience!
Brackensick: Dancing on the Merrie Monarch stage.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Sanchez: I've never had singing lessons.
Brackensick: How much I'm into Hawaiian culture.

If you have 24 hours to do anything you wanted, what would you do?
Sanchez: Everything and anything! I'm terrified of heights, but I would go do something extreme, just to live in the moment.
Brackensick: Be with my family and friends.

Who is the person that you would most like to meet?
Sanchez: I really wanted to meet Michael Jackson. I'm also dying to meet Eminem!!!
Brackensick: Patti LaBelle.

Do you have a favorite quote, phrase or personal motto / words to live by?
Sanchez: Work hard. Stay humble.
Brackensick: Love what you live and the people in your life.

- VVP/HS, GMA News
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