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OFW guide: Don't use a backpack and other job interview tips

September 1, 2012 10:00pm
Jobseekers often lose the chance of getting a good job just by coming to the interview unprepared or wearing the wrong clothes or accessories.

The information site said, "Perhaps the biggest mistake made by some interviewees is going to an interview unprepared.  If you're looking for a job, then it is in your best interests to do everything possible to maximize your chances of being offered a job, and that includes preparing for a job interview."

Money-zine noted that a job interview is not an ordinary, simple conversation but a structured, formal process.

Jobseekers must express themselves and convey their intentions in a very limited period of time.

It will thus help jobseekers not only to dress well but to follow other important job interview tips from the information site Career Builder:
(1) Don't use a backpack.

A backpack may be useful for carrying a good amount of stuff but it just doesn’t quite give a jobseeker that “professional” look that he or she needs during a job interview.
Tip: Opt for a briefcase or portfolio instead.
(2) Don't wear sneakers, stilettos, or sandals.
Don’t wear footwear like sneakers, stilettos, open-toed shoes and the worst offender – sandals.
Just wear black formal dress shoes and you’re good to go.
Tip: You need to shine your shoes too or the effort will be useless.

(3) Don't wear ‘transit’ gear.
Having sunglasses on one's head or headphones around the neck will definitely make a jobseeker look odd.
Aside from making the person look like he or she is going to party, it may also distract the  interviewer.
Tip: Steer clear from transit gear during job interviews.

(4) Non-matching belts and shoes
The rule of thumb is, if your belt is made of leather then your shoes should be too.
Tip: The colors of your belt and shoes should also match as much as possible.

(5) Untrimmed fingernails
Fingernails reflect a person’s hygiene which is why it is important to keep it short.
Long fingernails might also hinder a firm handshake which is necessary for giving a good impression.
Tip: Aside from keeping fingernails short, avoid bright nail polishes during job interviews.
(6) Avoid ‘dirty art’
Tattoos, facial piercings, and tongue jewelry might be cool in one's neighborhood but showing these to a potential employer during a job interview might blow one's chances of getting hired.
Tip: Keep it clean and remove all unnecessary piercings. Hide all visible tattoos by wearing long-sleeved clothing or scarves.
(7) Wacky hair color
Unless you are applying for a job in a creative field, it is best not to go to an interview with wacky-colored hair.
Keep it simple and professional by wearing one's natural hair color.
Tip: Some hair colors like brown may pass but avoid loud colors such as red, yellow, and orange.
(8) Heavy make-up
For women, wearing make-up for an interview is normal. However, some women tend to apply too much make-up.
A woman might lose the chance of getting hired just by wearing unflattering make-up.
Tip: After applying make-up, ask a family member or friend if the amount of make-up suits you.
(9) Wearing earrings (men)
When men wear earrings to a job interview, there's a chance the interviewer might see these as an eyesore.
Tip: Unless it is a wedding band or a metal watch, avoid wearing jewelry.
(10) Wearing too many earrings (women)
Although it is generally accepted for women to wear earrings during job interviews, wearing too many pairs of earrings may look unprofessional and dirty.
Tip: Unless you are applying as a tattoo or piercing artist, wear only one set of earrings for a job interview.
(11) Avoid strong scents.
Perfume and colognes are generally a good thing for interviews. However, one must consider that some people are allergic to strong scents.
Tip: Spray a fair amount of perfume on different parts of the body but make sure that the scent is not overwhelming.
 (12) Showing "signs" that one's suit is new

Although it doesn’t really reflect on one's professional background, having telltale signs that a jobseeker is wearing a brand new suit would definitely be embarrassing especially if the potential employer points this out.
Tip: To save oneself from unnecessary embarrassment, remove all price tags, extra buttons and other things that would show one's suit is newly bought. - VVP, GMA News
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