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Drinkers tend to quaff beer more quickly from curved glasses

September 4, 2012 9:44am
Beer drinkers may tend to drink faster from curved than from straight glasses, a new study has suggested.
Results of a study of British beer drinkers revealed this was due to an optical illusion in curved glasses that distorts the amount of beer in the glass, according to a report on The Huffington Post.
Citing a paper published in PLoS ONE, the Huffington Post said the researchers found a group drinking beer from straight glasses nursed their 354 ml of beer for about 13 minutes, while the group served the same amount of beer in curved glasses drank theirs in less than eight minutes, "drinking alcohol almost as quickly as the soda-drinkers guzzled their pop." 
But the researchers noted there was no difference between people drinking 177 ml of beer using straight glasses as against those drinking from fluted glasses.
Experimental psychologist Angela Attwood of the University of Bristol, who led the researchers, said marking beer glasses with the accurate halfway point may help solve the problem.
"We can't tell people not to drink, but we can give them a little more control," she said.
Binge drinking
According to Attwood, binge drinking is becoming a problem, especially among the younger crowd.
With this problem and the criminal activity that may go with it, "people are getting more and more reluctant to venture into city centers at night," she said.
Also, she said binge drinking may be a public health risk, with the World Health Organization (WHO) noting some 2.5 million deaths per year worldwide are caused by the harmful use of alcohol. –KG, GMA News
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