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Sri Lankan faces UAE court for making death threat vs. Pinay on Facebook

September 10, 2012 2:00pm

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A Sri Lankan electrician faced a United Arab Emirates (UAE) court on Sunday for allegedly threatening to kill a Filipina co-worker via a post on the social networking site Facebook.
The Sri Lankan, 33, was also accused of making a similar threat to the Filipina waitress via text message, according to a report of the news site Khaleej Times on Monday.
He was charged the Court of First Instance for threatening to commit a crime supposedly after the Filipina turned down his marriage proposal, the report said.
The Filipina waitress, 24, told prosecutors that she saw the threatening message on Facebook in March.
She said she and the Sri Lankan used to work in the same hotel in Abu Dhabi.
While the Filipina was transferred to Dubai, the defendant allegedly kept calling her and sending her SMS messages.
The Filipina had her mobile number deactivated but later learned from a friend that the defendant posted on Facebook that he wanted to kill her.
After seeing the message, the Filipina sought police assistance and lodged a complaint.
Police in Jebel Ali arrested the defendant and seized his laptop in April.
For his part, the defendant said he and the Filipina met two-and-a-half years ago and entered into a relationship for one year.
He said he lent the Filipina Dh1,000 and she did not pay it back. He also claimed the Filipina ignored his calls.
But he admitted he wrote on his Facebook page that he wanted to kill her and asked people how he could do it. - VVP, GMA News
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Tags: Facebook