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OFW guide: Good people skills and other traits of a good manager

September 19, 2012 11:00am
Being a manager is a tough job. Not everyone in the office will get along with one another. At times, even your subordinates will argue with you. This is the challenge: to make everyone get along with one another and help them work more productively.
The information site “Sunrise Page” said a good manager needs to have three basic skill foundations to be successful:
(1) technical
(2) human
(3) conceptual
Technical skills
A manager should not only be proficient but also effective in accomplishing tasks.
An effective manager will gain respect and easily persuade employees to follow his or her lead.
A manager needs to work with many people. Your best asset could be how you interact with people.
If you understand people, it would be easier for you to identify with them and earn their trust.
A good manager sees the whole picture instead of just a scene in the picture.
He or she understands how the whole organization works and how each person plays a role in accomplishing the company's goals.

Sunrise Page also compiled a list of the important skills managers must develop:
(1) People skills
As a manager needs to supervise several people, it is important to have good "people skills" or the ability to communicate with people effectively and in a friendly way.
Without this skill, a manager would fail to relay what he or she wants to accomplish.
(2) Strategic thinking
A good manager must know how to plan ahead and anticipate possible problems.
This will give his or her department an advantage when problems occur.
(3) Visionary
To have direction, the manager must have a vision for him and his department.
Through this he can lead the department towards that vision, fulfilling other goals on the way.
(4) Being flexible
A manager must know how to roll with the punches.
When problems arise, a manager should adapt to the situation in a timely manner and present solutions.
(5) Self-management
To manage people, one must know how to manage himself or herself first.
A manager who has full control over his or her time, problems and life can effectively handle other people.
(6) Being a team player
Being a team player is a key skill for managers because it will enhance the relationship between the manager and his or her subordinates.
This will create good rapport within the department and boost productivity.
(7) Ability to make good decisions
Calling the shots when it matters is a critical skill of a manager.
Although not a lot of people have this, those who do, rise up the ranks faster than anyone else. One must learn to handle heavy consequential decision-making in a responsible way.
(8) Good ethics
When a manager has high personal standards, this would influence his or her department.
Even if this is not a necessary skill, it helps a company's productivity if people know how to follow unwritten rules. - VVP, GMA News
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