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Now in US, hero dog Kabang soon to undergo jaw replacement surgery

October 11, 2012 1:00pm

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Hero dog Kabang arrives in US for surgery
Hero dog Kabang arrives in US for surgery. Hero dog Kabang arrived in California on Tuesday and was met by Team Kabang USA's Karen Kenngott and Mike Foley, who helped raise funds for Kabang's surgery, said to cost $20,000. The dog saved two children from a speeding motorcycle in Zamboanga last December but lost its snout and upper jaw in the collision. Dr. Anton Lim via Instagram
Kabang's story is "another inspiring tale of an uninsured street dog from the Philippines receiving expensive, state-of-the-art health care in America."

This was how the United States news site Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) News describes the story of Kabang, the mixed breed dog who saved two young girls from being run over by a motorcycle in Zamboanga.

The top half of Kabang's snout was ripped off by the wheels of a motorbike as she tried to save the girls.

CBS News said the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California-Davis, where Kabang will be treated, is "adept at cutting-edge dog jaw replacement. An American dog whose jaw was recently replaced by the center appears to be strutting around as if nothing ever happened."

Kabang suffered extensive injuries to her nose, face, and upper jaw exposing her mouth and throat to high risk infection.

Before undergoing the jaw replacement surgery, Kabang will undergo several tests to determine the best way to “fix” her snout and avoid infection.

Kabang's veterinarian Anton Mari Lim earlier said saving Kabang's life was their priority.
“[Ang] Pinaka important thing that we can do for her is really for her survival. Yung aesthetic is way down in our list,” Lim explained.
He compared Kabang’s condition to an airconditioner without a filter.
“When you take out the whole snout you’re taking out the filter. So whatever dust, whatever germs are in the environment it goes straight into the lungs,” Lim said.
The operation would cost an estimated $20,000 (roughly 800,000) but donations from over 18 countries have already covered the amount. - Andrei Medina, VVP, GMA News

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