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Your Say: Reactions to the signing of the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement

October 17, 2012 5:56pm
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After four decades of a separatist insurgency claiming over 150,000 deaths, the Philippine government on Monday signed a historic framework agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to create a "Bangsamoro" autonomous political entity in Mindanao by 2016.
Under the preliminary framework, a 15-member Transition Commission will draft the laws that will create the Bangsamoro (literally, "Nation of Moros") to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), tagged by Aquino as "a failed experiment" because of the unmitigated corruption and poverty in the region. After the law is passed by Congress, a plebiscite in Mindanao will be held to determine which provinces will be part of the Bangsamoro region.
The international community considers the peace pact a milestone for the Aquino government.
And yet, others see the signed agreement as a springboard for new conflicts.
The strongest opposition to the signed peace pact is from Moro National Liberation Front chairman and former ARMM governor Nur Misuari, who views the peace deal as a betrayal, saying all talks regarding Mindanao should include the MNLF.
Here are some insights from the GMA News Online community:
Flugie opines that Misuari has lost his political clout:
I've been to various provinces in Mindanao lots of times due to my work. While some people associate "Moro" with violence and what-not, my encounters with our Moro brothers and sisters are nothing but pleasant. The ones I've had the pleasure of meeting, working with and living with are kind, gracious and sincere - something I can't say for some of the Christians I know. I'm happy that the MILF and the government are finally on the right road to peace. My friends down south - both Moro and Christian - deserve it.
As for Nur, I think he has become what he fears: insignificant. If he is still significant, then the PNoy government would have talked to him as well. Nur and the MNLF had their chance when he became governor. He had good intentions when he started but I think somewhere down the road, his good intentions got side-railed. I just wish he would stop rattling the saber again because it's getting old.
vokkin believes that Filipino Muslims deserve to be autonomous:
I think this is a milestone. The Muslims are really very culturally different and thus should really be given some sort of autonomy.
Ron foresees that a peaceful Mindanao will be good for Philippine tourism:
If peace will really reign down south soon, I just might see the day to visit Mindanao as a tourist and experience the culture, people and FOOD that the region has to offer. This is also good for the locals there, as tourism will rise dramatically, local and foreign alike. I am still hoping for that day to come, I pray that in my lifetime, it will happen.
Shimen Miyamoto Musashi, born in Lanao del Sur, recalls a time when the armed conflict caused a strain even in his personal relationships with his friends, who were children of Muslim rebels in Mindanao:
Inshallah.... May the Lord Almight bless Mindanao, and touch the hearts of those who are not yet convinced of the framework agreement to give peace a chance. If this pushes through without a glitch, I will be happy to bring my family for vacation every year in my birthplace in Lanao del Sur and see what their father's beautiful town looks like. I want my children and my wife to feel its ambiance minus the occasional gunfire and fear of attacks. I have friends in both MILF and MNLF who are my elementary and high school classmates, they opted to join the rebels because their parents and other relatives are rebels. I also have many classmates or our classmates mostly Christians and some Muslims who joined the government forces in the AFP, PNP, and even CAFGUs. Sad to know that once in our lives during our schooldays we share the same classrooms, sometimes share one ice candy during recess under the mango trees in our school or share jokes, but because of the conflict which in our generation actually didn't fully understand how it all started, distrust and fear from your former classmates and friends is unavoidable.
HaizzPinazOl said that united patriotism should be foremost on the minds of everyone involved:
Definitely a milestone. I commend Pnoy getting this far. This is still shaky ground, but hopefully we will get there. The pact should emphasize the patriotic pride of being a Filipino and put religious differences aside. 
JaePablo thinks the peace talks could not have concluded this soon if several more sectors were consulted:
Di lahat nang panig ay dapat marinig dahil kung iintindihin at papakinggan mo sila aabutin ka ng siyam siyam... kudos to PNoy and MILF... dahil ipinakita ninyo na kaya ninyo naman pala na mag usap na walang baril o ano pa man, lets move forward... who ever makes a crime o breaks the law arestuhin kaagad.
The Bangsamoro Framework Agreement, however, does not sit well with some observers:
Siera Veda, in reply to JaePablo, thinks that rather than reaching an agreement with only a single group (the MILF), different stakeholders in Mindanao should have reached a consensus prior to concluding the peace talks:
Nakipagkasundo ang gobyerno sa isang grupo lang, ang dami ng mga iyan, dapat magkaisa muna ang lahat ng nasa Mindanao tapos dun sila makipagkasundo sa gobyerno. Gulo na naman yan.
Orlando Batallones believes that the MNLF would not agree to the peace talks, because of their differences with MILF:
This is what we have been saying all along as somebody from that part of the country who has been witness to all the dynamics of the conflicts. Once a peace pact is entered into one, another group will be disgruntled. Remember, the MILF and the MNLF do not see eye to eye. So this posturing from the MNLF (who were left out in the deal) would always be problematic. We are hopeful that the present government would be able to address so that an everlasting peace can be achieved. But I am still hopeful that this will turn out to be true.
neverwint3r recalls how former president Joseph "Erap" Estrada handled the MILF during his term:
The way things are going, another breakaway group from these Muslims will demand their own province/land and territory to rule. Soon, Mindanao will become a separate country.
Bakit si Pnoy mukhang nagpaloko yata? erap had almost completely destroyed the milf before, ngayun mas maliit na MILF ngayun pa bumigay ang gobyerno? What was Pnoy thinking?
Padre Damaso and torogi are both of the opinion that signing the framework agreement is just a ploy to get money from the Philippine government, most likely to fund a new separatist movement:
Even though I feel that this is a bad move, I pray that these Muslims will not stab us behind our backs. They have been known to do it in the past. It's not discrimination, just stating the obvious. I feel that this is the first of their NEW ploy to get money from our government then buy arms to fight us again and try separate Mindanao for their own sake. Haaay! I wish I could be wrong, we will see in 2-3 years time.
This is ridiculous. All Muslims affected of the areas in Mindanao must have their concern involved and not only the MILF faction about the implementation of this Bangsamoro. Or else, this is another strategy for this Muslims to draw huge money from the government and use them to buy arms, trainings of a new Muslim rebels, trainings camps and other war preparations. Remember what happened during the Cory administration which was exactly done by the Muslims through the ARMM then when the Estrada administration came, the Muslims were ready for war which was started but were fortunately crushed. The ARMM did never produce documents to provide the government where they had spend the billions of pesos (easy money for them) given them by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. See this, these lazy warlike muslims were given huge amount of money in priority rather than for the development of the communities of other peace loving and tax paying Filipinos in the north.
For gio adovas, the signed framework agreement is a calculated political move on PNoy's part:
If I am in his shoes, I will do the same: Make a big media event out of an agreement on what to talk about--framework agreement. It is not the end of the peace process yet, it is just laying the basis kung ano ang lalamanin ng usapan. The end of the peace process between the GRP and MI0 NotificationsLF may not happen in the next 5 years. Pero kelangan nya ang ganun kalaking media event to boost his popularity especially that the midterm election is coming. Kelangan nya lalong maging popular sa mindanao where his aunt is rumored to be running for ARMM governor.
Your guess is as good as mine. after 10 years of signing another peace pact with MILF, another group will emerge, another peace talk would follow. Hindi naman inaaddress ang cause ng rebellion e.
Palagay ko, hindi sya nagpaloko. It is a calculated political move.
internet101 says the government is compromising its principles by offering a hand to those "in the wrong": 
Tingin ko po mali ang ginawa ng gobyerno dito. Ang tao kasing masama pag tinulungan mo hindi nya makikita ang mali niya. Nasa dikta ng puso yan. Bakit hindi sila hayaang magbago kung gusto nila. Kung ayaw nila e di wag. Ang ginawa dapat ng gobyerno pinalakas dapat ang militar. Madaming Muslim ang nagkeclaim ng power sa Mindanao. Baka hindi lang Pilipinong Muslim ang maghahari sa Mindanao baka ibang bansang Muslim din. Ang ibig sabihin ng hinihingi nila na teritoryo nilang Muslim para maghari sila sa Mindanao. Hindi totoo na magkakaisa sila sa mga Kristiyano o mabuting Muslim kasi kung pagkakaisa gusto nila mamumuhay sila nang maayos. Nahulog kayo sa patibong ng Muslim.
What's your say? — TJD, GMA News

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