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US doctors 'cautiously optimistic' about recovery of hero dog Kabang

October 18, 2012 12:30pm

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Doctors at the University of California- Davis are “cautiously optimistic” after learning that Philippine hero dog Kabang has more problems than just losing her snout after saving two young girls in Zamboanga City last year.

A report of the news site “Columbia Broadcasting System” said the doctors were optimistic that Kabang would recover after undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments.
On GMA Network's “News to Go” program on Wednesday, Kabang was reported to have two health problems after being examined thoroughly by US doctors:
(1) tumor in her genitals, and
(2) heartworm.

The report said doctors first need to deal with her tumor and heartworm before they could operate on Kabang’s deformed snout and mouth.

Kabang lost her snout in December last year when she jumped into harm’s way to prevent two girls from being ran over by a speeding motorcycle in Zamboanga.
Her heroic deed saved the lives of the girls but the price was high: her snout and upper jaw were ripped off from her face.
Her doctors said that the hero dog will undergo chemotherapy and other medical treatments for three to six months depending on how she adjusts to the medicine.
If the treatments are successful, she can proceed with at least two facial surgeries:
(1) a dental reconstruction, and
(2) closing of the gaping wound on her face to prevent further infection.
The estimated cost of Kabang’s surgery is $20,000 (roughly P800,000). Team Kabang reached the amount needed for Kabang's surgery through donations from 20 countries.

However, according to a report of the news site Sacramento Bee, the bill is expected to go higher after Kabang was discovered to have tumor and heartworm.

The website for Kabang — — launched by a nurse in New York, estimates that the bill will "likely will grow far higher, as veterinarians announced that Kabang has unrelated problems that will delay surgery for her facial wounds," the Sacramento Bee said. - VVP, GMA News

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