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Trends in newborn care conference in February

January 19, 2013 5:50pm
The Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine celebrates its 7th annual meeting with an international conference on the Trends in Newborn Care to be held at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel Manadaluyong City from February 6-8, 2013. Eight internationally known neonatologists from leading medical universities and Neonatal Canters in the United States are guest speakers for this convention.

We have Drs.  Jacob Aranda from SUNY Downstate NewYork, Jatinder Bhatia from the Georgia Health Sciences University Augusta Georgia, Enrique M. Ostrea, Jr. from Wayne State University Michigan, Krishnamurthy C. Sekar from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center  , Ekhard E. Ziegler from the University of Iowa, Rowena Cayabyab from Keck School of Medicine in California Los Angeles and Winston Manimtim from Kansas School of Medicine Missouri.

The preconvention consists of two symposiums which will be held simultaneously on the first day which is to address the concerns of Neonatal Nurses, Doctors and those who deal directly with the care of the newborn and nurseries. The first Symposium is THE NICU NURSE AT THE FRONTLINE which tells us about the storage and handling of milk from the milk bank to the NICU, IV therapy for both transfusion and parenteral nutrition, keeping the NICU infection free, pain and assessment in the NICU and Transitioning the Preemie to the Home.

The second Symposium is on NICU Diagnostic Procedures. Topics that will be discussed include Neonatal ECG Made Easy, Bedside Echocardiography in Neonatal Emergencies, Radiologic Imaging in Common Respiratory and Abdominal Disorders, Cranial MRI in Vascular and Metabolic Conditions and Neonatal Seizures, EEG.

The second day‘s activities will include these simultaneous sessions.  Neonatal Sepsis:  including the Current WHO Treatment Guidelines on Newborn Sepsis. Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Surfactant Use and the Use of High Flow Nasal Cannula or CPAP, Enteral Feedings in the Premature. The other session deals with Infections in the NICU:  Neonatal Bacteremia and Patterns of Antibiotic Resistance, Future Directions in the Evaluation and Management of Neonatal Sepsis, New Antibiotics in the NICU and Antifungal Strategies in the NICU.

Day 3 of the convention deals with the subspecialties: Renal, Endocrine and Metabolic Concerns of the Newborn: Acute Kidney Injury, Fluid and Electrolyte Management in the Preterm Neonate, Metabolic Syndrome and the Recognition the Metabolic Problems in the Newborn.  The second symposium deals with Special Concerns in the NICU such as autologous cord blood transfusion and Perinatal Asphyxia, Evidence based updates on Neonatal Skin Care, When to Disclose When Things Go Wrong in the NICU, and Management Strategies in Apnea of Prematurity.

This convention earns PMA 80 units, PAFP 39 units, PPS 25 units, PSNbM 40 units for the conference and 10 units for the preconference.

Preconvention will be P1000. Pre-registration for the convention will be P2500 for nurses, midwifes and trainees, P3000 for consultants. On-site registration is P3500. For inquiries: PSNbM Secretariat: +639175925566 UST Hospital: (02) 7313001 loc 2292 and 2435 Look for Dianne Gonzales or Dr. Brian Castillo.

Press release from the Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine
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