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From home, with love: Sun Cellular aids the Global Pinoy

March 8, 2013 6:40pm

It’s no surprise that people all around the world recognize the resilience, hospitability, and the work ethic of the Filipino because now it’s finally official: we have a kababayan under literally every flag in the world. Needless to say, every one of these modern heroes plays a huge role in the success of our country, perhaps much more so than to the lives of the families they leave behind.  
Overseas Filipino Workers, or simply OFWs, are called the modern day heroes for a good reason. While we are here living within the comforts of our own country, OFWs constantly juggle the loneliness of being away from their families with the culture shock that trying to make living in an unfamiliar land involves. Yes, being an OFW is often more of a sacrifice than an opportunity, and it only makes sense that Sun Cellular reinforce the need for easy, affordable communication between OFWs and their loved ones, easing the stress even for a little bit.  
Sun Cellular’s IDD Plans are great examples of this, offering not only the lowest international call and text rates in the industry, but also the latest, greatest Android-powered phones to date.  
Sun IDD Plan 1699 features up to 120 minutes or 120 iSMS for rates as low as P2 per minute or per text. It also comes with 250 minutes of Sun calls, 250 Sun texts, 1 hour of mobile internet and 250 texts to other networks. But those are just the icing on a very sweet cake, as the IDD Plan 1699 lets you choose between the two of the best Android phones in the market – the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Samsung Galaxy Note.
For those who are on a bit of a tighter budget, the IDD Plan 600 fits the bill perfectly. Aside from the 60 minutes of IDD calls or 60 iSMS, the IDD Plan 600 also gives you 120 minutes of Sun calls, 150 Sun texts, 30 minutes of mobile internet, and 150 texts to other networks. It also boasts a variety of mid-range Android phones like the Alcatel Glory, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, or LG Optimus Me.  
Prepaid users should not feel left behind, though, as Sun Cellular also has something for you – the TODO IDD load, a variety of prepaid loads made specifically for your international connectivity needs. TODO IDD loads, which come in P50, P100 and P300 denominations, can be used for international calls, with rates that can go as long as P2 per minute.  
For those who want to have load for their various communication needs, the Sun TODO IDD Combo load 30 provides you with P30 worth consumable load for international calls, 40 Sun texts, 40 texts to other networks, and 10 minutes of Sun calls valid for one day.
Thanks to the technology available to us now, what lack of time our families abroad give us can be made up through Sun Cellular International Services. After all, our OFWs may be heroes, but sometimes, even heroes need a little love from home. - SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE
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