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Pinay seriously hurt, husband killed in attack by teenage son, pal in HK

March 18, 2013 2:19pm
A Filipina was seriously wounded while her husband was killed after they were attacked by their own son in Hong Kong last weekend, Hong Kong news sites reported Monday.
Irene Fok, 39, was wounded while husband Fok Lai-chi, 50 was killed in the attack at the top floor unit of a village home in the Pat Heung area, the Hong Kong Standard reported.
The victims' son Fok Lap-yin, 18, and Fok's friend Chang Ming-tin, 19, were arrested for the crime, the report added.
But Chan, who also sustained injuries in the arms, was brought to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment.
A separate report on the South China Morning Post said the incident occurred last Saturday, while The Standard added the incident occurred at 3 a.m.
The Standard cited initial information showing Irene had scolded the younger Fok and Chan allegedly for being too noisy.
An argument then broke out where Fok allegedly stabbed his mother while Chan attacked the father. The screams prompted neighbors to call police.
Police found the victims bloodied when they arrived. The elder Fok "was certified dead at 5 a.m. at Tuen Mun Hospital while Irene was in serious condition due to wounds in the neck and arm," The Standard reported.
Recovered from the crime scene were two knives, including one measuring 30 cm, and a computer and blood-stained clothing.
No-shows at court hearing
Meanwhile, a report from The South China Morning Post said the two suspects did not show up at a court hearing Monday as they remained in the hospital.
Prosecutors requested an adjournment of the hearing before the Tuen Mun Magistrates' Court, which reset the hearing to Friday.
Senior court prosecutor Katherine Yau told the court that the younger Fok "had been 'emotionally agitated' while Chan had a fractured bone on his left arm."
But the magistrate decreed that both defendants will remain in police custody until the next hearing.
The Hong Kong Standard report said the younger Fok had become hysterical last Sunday during the reconstruction of the crime.
He had to be restrained and strapped to a stretcher then brought to Pok Oi Hospital, the report said.
During the reconstruction, the Standard reported local villagers shouted at the young Fok, "asking how he could kill his father."
"After about 15 to 20 minutes, Fok became hysterical and started kicking and throwing furniture around the flat," amid shouts for him to calm down, the report said.
"I didn't kill him!" the young Fok insisted even as four policemen subdued him then placed him on a stretcher.
The report said Fok "had reportedly broken up with his girlfriend recently." — RSJ, GMA News
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