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Looking for an online summer job? Try these sites

March 27, 2013 10:04pm
Now that summer is here, many Filipinos are looking for summer jobs or part-time stints that will help them fund their dream summer vacations. Some simply want to look for opportunities to work from home, but online job sites aren't always helpful. 
So here's a handy shortlist of job boards that focus on providing opportunities and online jobs mainly to Filipinos, or which cater to clients who want to outsource some of their jobs to Filipinos. I’ve personally used some of these boards, and they're proven to effectively provide online jobs that are agreeable to both outsourcers and workers. 
These websites have rating systems which allow both parties to provide feedback as to how the clients' and workers' performances measure up. Payments are usually issued after the tasks are completed, but some providers allow you to be paid on an hourly basis. 
There are no fees required to sign up and register for an account, but you should have your CV details on hand. Some of the most frequently-searched workers are those with skills in transcription, secretarial, virtual assistance, and social media services. 
This site allows job seekers to look for online work and employment opportunities by simply adding their resume to the portal. Companies can create a free business profile and advertise their job vacancies for free, and both parties will then be notified via email once there are any matches for their category and location requirements. Employees are able to contact the job seekers through the website once they see that the job seeker’s qualifications and professional experiences match up with their requirements. From the ensuing conversation initiated through the website, both parties may then proceed to seal a business deal. 
More than just a jobs board, this is probably the largest single database of Filipino virtual assistants and online professionals: it has over 70,000 resumes of online workers all over the Philippines. Besides allowing job-seekers to post their resumes online, they also actually orient jobseekers and are able to provide opportunities to inexperienced workers by connecting them with prospective employers who are willing to train them. Once rewarded with a job or hired, a job seeker can get additional rewards from the website. 
Odesk is probably one of the most reputable websites of its kind, connecting clients with contractors from around the world who are available for hire on hourly or fixed-fee basis. While the website may not be entirely and purely focused on Filipinos alone, it is a good start when looking for an online job, as it provides the most secured transactions for both the contractors and the clients with its sophisticated screenshot and time-logging features. It also facilitates the payment process to ensure that the online workers are actually paid. Its feedback and scoring system also helps reflect the success of the transaction between both parties. 
Founded and managed by Fitz Villafuerte of, 199Jobs is a Philippine marketplace where one can buy or sell simple services quickly and easily. Patterned after the internationally-successful website Fiverr, it helps job seekers actually advertise small jobs they will do for just 199 pesos. If you can do simple tasks such as typing, researching, and consultancy, and are willing to provide these services for the said price, then you're in. 
While the job opportunities offered by employers through this website may not solely focus on online jobs, iTrabaho is worth mentioning as it is doing away from the complexity of the usual online application procedure by giving applicants a convenient “Text-to-Apply” SMS feature. 
These are just some of the more reputable websites where you can start your online job search this summer. When searching for online jobs, it’s important to be wary and only apply for jobs that you can actually deliver on. After all, while these sites can get your proverbial foot in the door, the payoff still depends on your skill set and your ability to follow through. —TJD, GMA News

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio  is a Social Media Consultant and Community manager with  over 6 years of regional experience in digital marketing, community management and developing social media strategies for startups and big brands in the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia). 

She specializes in social media influencer engagement, infographics curation, and digital marketing, and is a passionate community builder who handles communications, PR, social media, and content creation activities, among others. You can learn more about her through her blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email
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