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Hero dog Kabang to be released from US hospital next week

May 29, 2013 10:30am

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Philippine hero dog Kabang, who underwent surgery at the University of California (UC) Davis in the United States, will be released next week, the "Care for Kabang" Facebook group said.
“Kabang's recovery is nearing completion. She is doing great, and UC Davis expects her to be released within a week,” Care for Kabang posted on its page. 

Kabang gained international fame after her snout and upper jaw were damaged in 2011 when she tried to save two young Filipina girls from being run over by a motorcycle in Zamboanga City.

In March, Kabang underwent facial reconstructive surgery at the UC Davis to prevent infection on her gaping wound.

The Care for Kabang group has not yet posted photos of Kabang after her surgery.

The group said "UC Davis will not be releasing any photos of Kabang until she is completely healed."

The group said Kabang's medical updates can be found on the UC Davis website.

However, the group said UC-Davis will be holding a press conference and photos will be made available before Kabang returns to the Philippines in June.
The group said Kabang's Filipino veterinarian, Dr. Anton Lim, has arrived in California and will be escorting her back to the Philippines.
Welcome news

News about Kabang's recovery and possible return to the Philippines in June were welcomed by netizens who posted messages on the Care for Kabang Facebook page.

Sharon Gamblin: Glad she will finally be able to go home. Can't wait to see the results!
Edelyn Yucada Bation: Yey! God bless all the people who made this possible and God bless Kabang!
Shawna Martin-Lund: That is some of the best news I have heard in a long while! Soooooooooo happy for Kabang and her family that loves her so much! Hopefully they will be able to provide continued heartworm preventative/flea and tick treatment and vaccines for her so keep her healthy. I know they were struggling before. Hopefully someone is offering to help provide this continued care over there. Thank you for all you guys have done!!
Christina Ragsdale: What a great ending for her! Healthy and going home to her family! Please be sure to post pictures of her reunion and after she settles in.

Hero dog

Kabang has been named as one of the world's top 10 heroic canines for 2012.
A video posted on the news site Huffington Post showed that Kabang was ranked as this year's number six most heroic canine in the world.
Kabang saved two young girls from being run over by a speeding motorcycle in Zamboanga in December 2011.
Although the two girls were unharmed, Kabang suffered greatly, losing her snout and upper jaw during the accident.
The Care for Kabang group spearheaded the solicitation of funds to fly her to the United States and have her undergo facial reconstructive surgery, estimated to cost around $20,000 (roughly P815,000).
When the hero dog arrived in the US last year, she first had to undergo treatments for genital cancer and heartworm disease before she could undergo surgery.

The UC Davis update about Kabang's health situation on Tuesday said: "Kabang received a final vaccination today and was examined by the UC Davis VMTH Outpatient Medicine Service and given a clean bill of health. She received her USDA health certificate required by customs for transport back to the Philippines. Following a UC Davis press conference next week, she will return home." - Andrei Medina, VVP, GMA News
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