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No. 1 Korean Drama 'My Daughter Seoyoung,' begins airing on GMA-7

June 29, 2013 1:43pm
Kapuso fans will definitely be hooked as the newest Koreanovela My Daughter Seoyoung begins airing this Monday, July 1.

My Daughter, Seoyoung is a drama that tells the story of Seoyoung (Lee Bo Young) who chooses to cut off her ties with her incompetent and troublesome father. Coming from a poor family, Seoyoung juggles her studies and part-time jobs in order to graduate on time.

Seoyoung stayed away from her father and became a tutor. While being a part-time tutor, she will meet Dylan Kang (Lee San Yoon). Like Seoyoung, Dylan plans to stay away from his father who never supported his decisions in life. He meets Seoyoung when she became his brother’s tutor and eventually became interested in her personality.
Kapuso viewers shouldn’t miss My Daughter Seoyoung as its pilot week is packed with intense scenes. One day, Seoyoung receives a call saying that her mother suffered a stroke. Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor declares that her mother had passed away.
What will Seoyoung do after the loss of her mother? Is she going to blame her own carefree father?
My Daughter Seoyoung premieres this Monday at 5:00pm before Home Sweet Home in GMA. --
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