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Facebook users warned against plane crash video scam

February 9, 2014 2:06pm

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Users of social networking site Facebook were warned over the weekend against a new survey scam, this time pretending to be a video of a plane crashing into a bridge.
Technology researcher Graham Cluley said the message will appear on a user's news feed with the line, "HUGE PLANE CRASHES INTO BRIDGE!" and a link.
"Huge plane crashes into a bridge, watch this terrible accident! 18+ only!" Cluley, who had worked with security vendor Sophos, said in a blog post
He said the supposed breaking news story has hooked thousands of Facebook users.
Cluley advised Facebook users not to click on the link lest they be taken to a bogus Facebook page that asks them to share the video.
"It wants you to share the link with as many people as possible to increase the number of people ultimately visiting the page," he said.
Yet, he said those who follow the instructions will end up completing online surveys that promise "enormous prizes and generous offers."
In reality, Cluley said it is the scammers who are earning commission.
Worse, he said Facebook users duped into entering their personal information may get "unwanted offers and spammy messages."
"In other examples we have also seen malware and adware installed via this tactic of duping thousands of Facebook users into visiting a webpage," he added.
Cluley noted the scammers now appear to be industrializing their money-making efforts.
"If you visit the root of the IP address hosting the plane crash scam, you find a directory containing other scams (same modus operandi, different lure) they have set up," he said. — KDM, GMA News 
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Tags: Facebook

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