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A one-stop, multimedia microsite: The Estrada plunder trial verdict

September 10, 2007 7:01pm

GMANews.TV opened on Monday a multimedia microsite on deposed President Joseph Estrada's plunder trial in the run-up to the promulgation of the Sandiganbayan’s verdict on Wednesday.

The Estrada plunder trial microsite, which can be accessed through, was created to meet the high information demand on Estrada’s trial, which started on October 1, 2001.

The site features the latest news on the plunder trial in Filipino and English; fresh and file video on the "mansions, mistresses, millions" and other issues against Estrada; a timeline of the Sandiganbayan proceedings; and profiles of the accused, key witnesses and lawyers of the defense and prosecution panels.

Even more, the site offers a sumptuous sampling of "Erap jokes" from the best-selling Joke ni Erap: A Lady without a Lover is like a Joke without Erapsyon" book published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).

Over 150 photos that plot the life and times of Estrada -- from his childhood days, to his career as multi-awarded film star, to his years in politics as mayor and senator, and finally his 30-month stint as 13th president of the Philippines -- are strung up in an interactive photo essay.

Background readings and special reports from GMA News Research and the content partners of GMANews.TV -- PCIJ and Newsbreak magazine -- lend insight and context to the checkered past and present of Estrada.

Yet most important of all, the microsite allows browsers from all walks of life to join in a community poll on what awaits Estrada on Wednesday and beyond.

GMANews.TV is the official website of GMA News and Public Affairs.

Even before its formal launch on January 1, 2007, GMANews.TV has been declared as "Best Website, Media Category" by the Philippine Web Awards.

Also in December 2006, GMANews.TV won for "Best Online Investigative Reporting" in the second Population and Development Awards for Media. - GMANews.TV
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