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AFP frees 14 coup squealers

February 23, 2006 5:03pm
The military released Thursday afternoon 14 junior officers who allegedly revealed recruitment efforts for a plot against the Arroyo government.

Colonel Tristan Kison, AFP spokesman, the officers were ordered released because of lack of evidence implicating them to destabilization schemes.

"What charges will we file against them? It does not necessarily mean that they have joined the coup plot," said Kison.

The junior officers were first held for questioning because of their possible involvement in the planned Oplan Hackle, which seeks to humiliate and ultimately grab power from the President.

Kison clarified that no charges would be filled against the junior officers after military leadership failed to gather enough evidence to prove that they have been recruiting enlisted personnel to join a coup d' etat attempt.-GMANews.TV, with a report from
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