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School of living traditions for upland Ilocanos opens in June

April 24, 2008 1:24am

CANDON CITY - The upland town of Suyo will host the School of Living Traditions for Ilocos Sur this June.

Gov. Deogracias Savellano said that the school would be open to interested elementary school pupils particularly from the Bago tribe as well as other indigenous tribes mostly located in the upland parts of the province.

The school would consist of abong-abong or the traditional cogon straw and bamboo huts used by the Bago tribe of yore.

Students would be taught the arts and culture of upland Ilocanos like the tadek (Bago dance), gong beating and making of bamboo musical instruments as well as weaving and uggayam or chanting.

Traditional games would also be re-introduced.

Savellano said that pupils from various uplands nearby would have a chance to study alternately in the School of Living Traditions.

He said that this is one way to bring the youth back to their roots so that they would not just be enthralled in modern amenities like computers and videogames.

He also said that experts in these different aspects not only of Bago but of Kankanaey, Itneg and Tingguian arts and culture are currently being trained to be teachers.

Savellano said that pupils would have a chance to showcase their learned skills in December when the annual Bago Games and Dances Showcase Tribal Festival would be held here. - GMANews.TV
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