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April 29, 2008 10:47am


P550 for Phil. Agenda (2 discs)
P550 for Howie Severino's DVD (2 discs)
P400 for Reporter's Notebook
P350 for all the other I-Witness Hosts DVDs

I. Ten Years of Howie Severino

Babalik na si Ma'am
Finalist, 2003 NHK Japan Prize Educational Program
Former maestras turned domestic helpers in Hong Kong finally come home to teach.

Pitong Araw, Pitong Gabi
Howie journeys around Luzon aboard assorted Pinoy transport.

From Iraq with Love
On the eve of war, Howie encounters Iraq before it is changed forever.

Pantasya ng Bayan
Runner-up, Asia-Europe Foundation/ Asian Institute of Broadcast Development Pitching Forum
The search for the first Darna movie leads Howie to exotic Thailand.

3rd Place Certificate for Creative Excellence, 2006 US International Film and Video Festival
A deceptive peace reigns in Mindanao where wild monkeys and spiritual people live together.

Best Friend
An illiterate old man and his clever dog travel in search of his little boy.

Biyaheng Edsa
Howie takes a meandering walk along the nation’s highway to greatness.

Huling Hala Bira!
2nd Prize, 2007 U.N. Asia-Pacific Millennium Development Goals Media Awards
Facing demolition, residents living under the rail tracks in Manila prepare to dance at their last Ati-Atihan Festival.

No Story is Worth Dying For
Finalist, 2001 New York Festivals
Howie covers the famous siege of Lamitan and together with a dozen journalists, gets caught in the crossfire.

Lolo ng San Francisco

An aging war veteran living alone in America is the center of a colorful street world.

II. The Best of Kara David

Sa Mata ni Ekang
With a thief for a father, a drug dealer for a mother, and a pimp for a grandmother, how will the world look like in the eyes of a four-year old?

Anghel sa Dapithapon
Rachel is 9 and Maureen is 14 but their bodies are already the physical age of their grandmothers.

Uuwi na si Udong
Boys work in sugarcane fields an ocean away from home to pay for their families’ piling debts.

Gamugamo sa Dilim
Schoolchildren struggle to give light to their future despite the darkness that surrounds them.

Buto’t Balat
Heartbreaking tales of malnourished children show us why the Philippines could be the new Africa.

III. The Best of Jay Taruc

Panay de Motor
Jay embarks on a motorcycle trip to document the urban legends of mystical Panay Island.

Maestrang Bulod
A school in Sorsogon is so remote that teachers cannot go home everyday … they have to eat and sleep inside their classrooms.

“Ako at ang Butanding"
The mysterious arrival of whale sharks in Albay drives Jay into the waters, despite his decades-old fear of the open sea.

Gulong ng Buhay
Jay spends days in a wheelchair and discovers the rights of persons with disabilities are almost completely ignored in Metro Manila.

Kapit sa Patalim
Small-time loggers in Quezon are torn between sustaining their natural resources and making a living.

IV. The Best of Sandra Aguinaldo

In her first I-Witness documentary, Sandra embarks on an emotional search for her biological parents.

Amidst the noise and dirt of a slum community, a surprising amount of hidden wealth is revealed.

Pinay CSI
In a field still dominated by men, female scene of the crime operatives find difficulty not in facing blood and gore, but in the lack of equipment and equal opportunity.

Boy Pusit
Gold World Medal, 2007 New York Festivals
Young squid divers are torn between providing for their families and pursuing a high school education.

Lahat Legal Wife!
An Imam weds four women, who now compete for his love and attention.


1) Pobreng Pinoy
2) PNP: Isang Pagsusuri
3) Juan Tanga?


1) Edukasyon
2) Kalusugan
3) Katiwalian
4) Pabahay
5) Trabaho
6) Gutom
7) Krimen at Hustisya
8) Reporma as Eleksyon


1) Batang Kalakal
2) Pinoy Exodus sa Lebanon
3) Backdoor
4) Gatilyo
5) Isla Fuga
**with Bonus Features
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