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Faculty defends Central Mindanao University president

May 21, 2008 12:37am
CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines - Members of the Central Mindanao University CMU-Bukidnon Board of Regents (BOR) have denied all allegations slapped by some leaders of the faculty against the school’s president Dr. Mardonio Lao.

The board, mostly members and officials of the CMU faculty, said that accusations of mismanagement, killings, corruption as well as dictatorship in the university are not true.

"We the members of the Board of Regents (BOR) all agreed for the extension of Dr. Lao's service and that nobody dictates us not even Dr. Lao," said Engineer Nelson Martinez, chief security of CMU.

Martinez belied that the campus security guards perpetrated the killing inside the university particularly the “job orders" security guards who were hired allegedly as goons.

The board singled out professors Amelia Bojo, Edorlita Cubillas, and Greg Ramos as desperate faculty members who were kicked out from their position at CMU Faculty Association, Inc. (CMUFAI) because of some irregularities.

"They are all professors in the university and here they come trying to destroy the image of the school," said one of the board members.

But Bojo stated that the board is just using the land issue as cover only to the main problem that hounds inside the university specifically the illegal extension of Lao's tenure as CMU president and among others.

"There's no problem with the land actually, but if that is problem so wala siyay nahimo for eight years sa iyang paglingkod," Bojo said.

However, the board unanimously disclaimed the issues and emphasized that their main concern is about the land and firmly stand for the university and students' welfare.

The main purpose of the board's meeting Monday was on the land issue.

Board members opposed for the extension of the land lease contract to informal settlers who occupied portion of the land owned by the university. – Sun.Star CDO
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