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Arroyo to grace first-ever egg festival in Pampanga

June 3, 2008 8:31am

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MANILA, Philippines - President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will visit on Wednesday the First Egg Festival of Minalin, the Pampanga town known for producing over a million chicken
eggs a day.

In a statement, MalacaƱang said Minalin town officials led by Mayor Edgar Flores will regale President Arroyo with an exhibit of their egg produce, and a taste test of some 10,000 eggs boiled for revelers.

On the other hand, the town's first egg festival will have its 70 poultry raisers donating some 80,000 eggs to neighboring provinces badly hit by typhoon "Cosme."

Some 60,000 of the 80,000 eggs to be harvested early Wednesday shall go north to Pangasinan's typhoon victims, while some 20,000 shall go west to Zambales. The eggs shall be brought to the beneficiaries via a caravan of 15 to 20 trucks.

Minalin's poultry raisers who put up the Minalin Poultry & Livestock Cooperative (MIPOLCO) 37 years ago in 1971 are proud members of Pampanga's "top millionaire cooperative" with total assets of P146 million as of Dec. 31, 2007.

Councilor Jon Juico Jr, general manager of MIPOLCO, said the cooperative produces its own unbranded feeds for layers, hogs, and aquatic animals for the town's fishponds.

Their annual production of feeds totals some 36,000 metric tons.

The vision of the third top performing cooperative of Central Luzon in terms of business transactions is to serve as "catalyst in the upliftment of the well-being of its members."

It has passed a resolution allocating P500,000 from its surplus for the construction of one school room every year in all public elementary and high schools in Minalin. - GMANews.TV
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Tags: Pampanga