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  • Internet tycoon Dotcom says lawsuits are war against innovation

    Megaupload's Dotcom King, fighting extradition from his adopted country to the United States, says the lawsuits are a war against innovation. (Reuters)
  • I M Ready mobile app, inilunsad na

  • Google Glass one-day sale

    Google offers its long-awaited Glass for sale for just one day as it prepares for launch later in the year. (Reuters)
  • I M Ready mobile app, maaari nang ma-download

  • Total lunar eclipse in the US to bring an impressive red blood moon

    NASA scientist says the first total lunar eclipse of 2014 is about to show itself in the form of a dark reddish "blood moon."
  • Multi-year study sees species wiped out by forest fragmentation

    Species living in rainforest fragmented by human development, face "animal armageddon" according to a researcher involved in a two decade study in southern Thailand. A multinational team of scientists witnessed the near-complete extinction of native small mammals on forest islands created by a large hydroelectric reservoir which, they say caused a drastic change in the ecological system.
  • Heartbleed Internet Threat

    An Internet bug dubbed "Heartbleed" that pokes holes in encrypted codes and hacks into secure servers is causing concern among users and has prompted several tech giants such as Yahoo Inc, Google Inc, Facebook Inc and Amazon Web Services to release software updates to fix the problem. (Source: REUTERS / INTEL / IBM)
  • Brain clots meet their match with robot needle

    Surgeons may soon have a new tool for treating patients with dangerous blood clots in the brain - a robotic needle that will suck the clot free without harming healthy tissue around it. The prototype robot is being developed by a team at Vanderbilt University, who have taken a novel approach to replicating the human brain for their experiments. (Source: REUTERS AND VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY)