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  • What is 'autopilot' and how does it work?

    Did you know planes can fly without needing a pilot the whole time? Self-driving cars are a thing, too! Thanks to the 'autopilot' system, this technology is now possible!
  • History of coins in the Philippines

    How did we end up with the coins we use today? Boobay traces the history of coinage (and more!) in the Philippines!
  • One-sixth scale models that look like the real thing!

    Ever wished you had mini-versions of your favorite superhero so you can be with them all the time? One-sixth versions of Thor, Iron Man and many more characters are now becoming popular!
  • Throwback gaming consoles and video games

    Ka-AHAng Carlos Agassi rediscovers the different game consoles and video games that we used to play in the 90s. He even visits a shop where these throwback computer games can be played up until today.
  • US stunt rider Aaron Colton displays his knack for frestyle riding

    US Champion Aaron Colton visits the country to share his passion for sportbike freestyle in a motor stunt show. His freestyle exhibition includes the wheelie, stoppie or endo, burnout, and acrobatics.
  • A tour around the AHAmazing Palacio Amazonia

    The Palacio Amazonia in Taytay, Rizal is a residential house turned private resort by its owner. Join Maey Bautista as she tours us around the palatial home adorned with European furnishings.
  • The extreme roller coaster zipline experience

    Sandbox, a popular amusement park in Porac, Pampanga, will leave you screaming with the most extreme ride ever: the roller coaster zipline.
  • Learn pineapple art from Chef NiƱo

    Pineappples are not just sweet treats. They can also be made into amazing works of art!
  • In the navy!

    Alamin ang mga ipinagmamalaking kagamitan ng ating mga magigiting na Philippine Navy: ang AW-109, MPAC at ang makasaysayang BR Rajah Humabon!
  • Ang mga rock na rock na stone houses ng Sabtang, Batanes

    Binisita ni Ka-AHAng Ryza Cenon ang stone houses sa Sabtang upang alamin kung bakit hindi ito natitinag sa kabila ng napakalakas na hangin at bagyong dumadayo sa isla.