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  • First Pinoy Olympic gold medalist is teenager Gab Moreno!

    The long wait is finally over! Let's get to know the First Filipino Olympic gold medalist, Luis Gabriel "Gab" Moreno!
  • How cosplayer costumes are made

    We're all amazed at how intricate and cool all these costumes look, but how are they exactly made? "You're My Foreignay" winner Shine Kuk finds out how!
  • 'You're My Foreignay' winner Shine Kuk plays traditional Pinoy games

    Are traditional Pinoy games on the risk of being forgotten by the new generation? Shine Kuk tries some of the games generations of Filipinos have long enjoyed before "Angry Birds" or "DOTA".
  • Rainier Castillo tries out the amazing mazes in Funtastic Park

    Are you a fan of mazes too? How about a life-sized maze in the dark and another that's full of mirrors? Check out this mazes in Funtastic Park in Subic
  • Teen couple Jhake Vargas and Bea Binene try out board sports in Baler

    Aside from surfing, what else is there to do in Baler? Teen couple Jhake Vargas and Bea Binene, also known as Jhabea, try out other awesome board sports that Baler has to offer!
  • The history of professional basketball in the Philippines

    Hands down, the Philippines is arguably the most passionate nation when it comes to basketball. How did our love affair with the game start? Rocco Nacino tells us!
  • What is 'autopilot' and how does it work?

    Did you know planes can fly without needing a pilot the whole time? Self-driving cars are a thing, too! Thanks to the 'autopilot' system, this technology is now possible!
  • History of coins in the Philippines

    How did we end up with the coins we use today? Boobay traces the history of coinage (and more!) in the Philippines!
  • One-sixth scale models that look like the real thing!

    Ever wished you had mini-versions of your favorite superhero so you can be with them all the time? One-sixth versions of Thor, Iron Man and many more characters are now becoming popular!
  • Throwback gaming consoles and video games

    Ka-AHAng Carlos Agassi rediscovers the different game consoles and video games that we used to play in the 90s. He even visits a shop where these throwback computer games can be played up until today.