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  • 'AHA' explores animals' amazing abilities

    AHA explores the science of biomimicry or the imitation of the nature's abilities to solve human problems.
  • 'AHA' finds out which is the fastest racket sport

    Table tennis, badminton or tennis? AHA, with its co-host Boobay, compares the three famous racket sports to know which of them is the fastest.
  • Boobay takes a fun ride on transport innovations

    AHA co-host Boobay explores transport innovations such as bambikes (bamboo bikes), bangkarwayan, and the electric jeepney, Comet.
  • 'AHA' looks into the mysteries behind possessions and exorcism

    AHA investigates and reveals the mysteries behind possessions and exorcism.
  • AHA guest co-host Love Añover investigates 'killer street' in Pasig

    Kapuso reporter and AHA guest co-host Love Añover, with a paranormal expert, investigates a street in Pasig City which have taken many lives, as residents clalimed.
  • 'AHA' explores new Halloween fashion and gimmicks

    AHA guest co-host and Foreignay Shine Kuk explores the newest Halloween fashion trends and gimmicks.
  • 'AHA' takes the Cavite Haunted Night Tour

    AHA co-host Maey B. takes the challenge to tour the historical yet haunted places in Cavite.
  • Pinoy horror characters revealed in 'AHA October Shockers'

    In its first installment of the month-long October Shockers series, AHA reveals the most popular Pinoy horror characters.
  • AHA! shows 'the way of the real sword'

    In this segment of Japan Japan sa AHA!, guest co-host Pekto shows the art of Shinkendo or "the way of the real sword".
  • AHAnderwater sports and hobbies

    In its AHAnderwater episode, AHA features different underwater sports such as underwater hockey and synchronized swimming.

    Watch AHA! every Sunday, 9 AM on GMA 7!