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  • 'AHA' explores new Halloween fashion and gimmicks

    AHA guest co-host and Foreignay Shine Kuk explores the newest Halloween fashion trends and gimmicks.
  • 'AHA' takes the Cavite Haunted Night Tour

    AHA co-host Maey B. takes the challenge to tour the historical yet haunted places in Cavite.
  • Pinoy horror characters revealed in 'AHA October Shockers'

    In its first installment of the month-long October Shockers series, AHA reveals the most popular Pinoy horror characters.
  • AHA! shows 'the way of the real sword'

    In this segment of Japan Japan sa AHA!, guest co-host Pekto shows the art of Shinkendo or "the way of the real sword".
  • AHAnderwater sports and hobbies

    In its AHAnderwater episode, AHA features different underwater sports such as underwater hockey and synchronized swimming.

    Watch AHA! every Sunday, 9 AM on GMA 7!
  • AHA! Cheerdance tosses and stunts

    The cheerdance craze continues! AHA! shows the different cheerdance tosses and the proper way to do them.
  • 'COMET' vehicle, answer to PH's worsening transportation problems?

    The history of public transportation in the country is as colorful as the jeepney. But with worsening problems in the transport sector, is the DOST's "COMET" vehicle the answer to all these woes?
  • First Pinoy Olympic gold medalist is teenager Gab Moreno!

    The long wait is finally over! Let's get to know the First Filipino Olympic gold medalist, Luis Gabriel "Gab" Moreno!
  • How cosplayer costumes are made

    We're all amazed at how intricate and cool all these costumes look, but how are they exactly made? "You're My Foreignay" winner Shine Kuk finds out how!
  • 'You're My Foreignay' winner Shine Kuk plays traditional Pinoy games

    Are traditional Pinoy games on the risk of being forgotten by the new generation? Shine Kuk tries some of the games generations of Filipinos have long enjoyed before "Angry Birds" or "DOTA".